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Test Center Commands and Resources
By Petra Fyde, August 2009
Setting Skills and Stats | Basic Resources | Resources by Command | General Notes

In order that players may thoroughly test potential templates and upcoming publishes a number of commands and resources are available on the Test Center that are not found on the normal shards.

Setting Skills and Stats

Skills and stats are set by command, simply by typing in the instruction ‘set [name] [value]’ For example: ‘set str 125′ will set the character’s strength to 125. Total str/dex/int available = 255. Although skills can be set to 120 in skills that have that potential, the total skill points for a single character can not exceed 700 points, no matter what the age of the account. Skills are set by increments of 0.1, but the decimal point is ignored, therefore saying ‘set [name] 100′ will in fact set the named skill to 10.0.  In order to set the skill to 100 you must say ‘set [name] 1000′.

To set a skill you must use the correct term, for example ‘set blacksmithing’ or ‘set blacksmithy’ will not work, the correct term is ‘set blacksmith’.  Typing in ‘help skills’ will bring up the list of skill names pictured below.

test center skill list


An additional ‘set’ command is ‘set tithingpoints 1000000′.

Basic Resources

In addition to the normal items bestowed upon a new character, relating to the character type, you will also find:

  • in your pack – a rune book with 9999 charges containing runes to the following destinations:
    • Britain West Bank.
    • Trinsic Bank.
    • Britain Sweet Dreams Inn.
    • Britain Graveyard.
    • Despise.
    • Destard.
    • Hedge Maze.
  • In your bank –
    • a back pack containing 1000 bottles, 1 keg each of greater cure, greater heal, deadly poison, total refresh and greater explosion potions.
    • a back pack containing 5 blank runes, a full spellbook, a full Necromancy book, a Ninjitsu book, a Bushido book, a Spellweaving book and an empty rune book, 20 charges.
    • a round bag containing 5000 each Magery reagent.
    • a round bag containing 3000 each Necromancy reagent.
    • a farmers band (faster casting 1, faster cast recovery 3 bracelet) a ring of arcane tactics (faster casting 1, faster cast recovery 3 ring) a crystaline ring and a crimson cincture.
    • a bag containing 10 treasure maps, a message in a bottle, a shovel and 30 lock picks.
    • a back pack of ethereal mounts.
    • a bag containing 100 powder of translocation.
    • a box containing 2 x 1 million gp checks, 60,000 gold coins and 9000 silver coins.

Resources by Command

Additional resources may be obtained by use of the ‘give’ command. A word of caution, these items far exceed the normal capacity of your bank box, any item taken from the box can not be put back and will fall to the ground. A list of ‘give’ commands can be obtained by saying ‘help commands’, they can each be used only once per character and are as follows:

Give Arties
Places a lilac box in your bank containing:

  • Minor artifacts – Ilshenar set.
  • Tokuno minor artifacts.
  • Major artifacts.
  • Tokuno major artifacts.
  • Minor artifacts – Mondain’s Legacy set.
  • Replicas

Give Tokens
Drops into your back pack:

  • 9 – Heritage tokens.
  • 1 – Personal Attendant token.
  • 1 – Shadow token.
  • 1 – Crystal token.

Give Air
Places into your bank box a ‘pet air freshner’, having the appearance of a colored juniper bush, using it on a pet will color the pet.

Give Resources
Places into your bank box a dark green box containing:

  • a bag of elven materials – 201 each mining gem and peerless resource 5 pristine dreadhorn
  • a runic tool bag – all runic tools, 30,000 uses.
  • 1 jar – powder of fortifying.
  • a raw materials bag – 5000 each ingot type,  5000 each leather type, 5000, cut cloth, 500 blank scrolls, 100 bones.
  • a bag of archery ammo – 5000 arrows, 5000 crossbow bolts.
  • a tool bag containing one each of:- tinker kit, dovetail saw, smith hammer, sewing kit, mortar & pestle, scribe pen, fletcher’s tool (30,000 uses each). Mallet and chisel, random uses (eg: 47) scissors, two handed axe, house placement tool. (no glass blowing).
  • a bag of recipes for all craft skills, 93 in total.
  • a bag of wood – 5000 each board type.

Give armor
Places into your bank box a red box containing:

  • Juggernaut set.
  • Hunter set.
  • Paladin set.
  • Necromancer set.
  • Acolyte set.
  • Marksman set.
  • Monstrous Interred Grizzle set.
  • Warrior set.
  • Mage set.
  • Assassin set.
  • Myrmidon set.

Give Seeds
Places in your bank box a light green box containing:

  • 5000 fertile dirt.
  • 15 green thorns.
  • 10 – fragrant seeds.
  • 18  – peculiar seeds.
  • 5 – rare fire red seeds.
  • 5 – white seeds.
  • 5 – black seeds.
  • 13 – plant spawners various colors. Using a plant spawner gives a bag of decorative plants in that color at your feet. 5 standard color and 5 bright (where a bright version exists)

Planted seeds can be brought to maturity by use of the command:

This command does not work on a plant in your back pack, however placing the plant on the ground or locking it down in a house will enable it. The plant gump must be open when you give the command, each time you give it a small emote will appear, indicating that the plant has achieved one day’s growth. You will need to tend the plant with water and potions between commands as if it had gone through a normal, daily, growth check.

Give Crystals
Places in your back pack a pale yellow bag containing:

  • A Toxic Venom Spawner – when used places 20 toxic venom in your pack.
  • A Void Essence Spawner – when used places 20 toxic venom in your pack.
  • A Large Crystal Spawner – when used places a bag of crystals at your feet.
  • A Broken Crystal Spawner – when used places a bag of broken crystals at your feet.
  • A Silver Serpent Venom Spawner – when used places 20 toxic venom in your pack.
  • A Medusa Blood Spawner – when used places 20 toxic venom in your pack.

General Test Center Notes

Test Center is entirely separate from normal production shards, it is subject to periodic wipes which will delete any characters and their possessions.

Sometimes the Test Center in use is based on a back-up of one of the main shards, when this happens copies of houses and characters on the production shard used can be found on the test center.

Houses placed on Test Center do not effect houses on normal shards and will not condemn them. Characters may not transfer on to or off of the Test Center.

Updated February 2010 by Petra Fyde.

Last modified: June 8, 2012

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  1. Test center is not responding to either Give Arties or Give Armor…. Do these no longer work?

  2. Give crystals doesn’t appear to be functional at this time. I have edited the section on grow_plant to clarify.

  3. Fasinatia says:

    do these commands only work at certain times? I have tried using the Grow_Plant and Give Crystals commands and neither of those work at the present time on TC1.


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