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Soulstones: A Soulstone is a special item in Ultima Online that allows you to temporarily remove a skill from your character and store the skill for later use. You can also use them to move a skill from one character to another on the same account.

Types of stones and where to obtain them: Currently, there are three types of soulstones in Ultima Online: The Full Soulstone and two types of Soulstone Fragments.

Full Soulstone: A full soulstone comes in three colors – Green, Blue, and Red. The stone looks like a monolith with runes engraved on the front.


The Green Soulstones are the originals and came as a preorder gift with the Samurai Empire Expansion. You can still purchase a “Legacy Token” through the Origin Store and use it to claim a Green Soulstone. The token can be sold or traded, but once claimed, the Soulstone is bound to your account.

The Blue Soulstones are the 2nd type released and they came as a preorder gift for purchasing the 8th anniversary edition. These are no longer available unless you purchase a token from another player in game. The token can be sold or traded, but once claimed, the Soulstone is bound to your account.

The Red Soulstones are a 1st year veteran reward and can be claimed by any account that is 12 months old or older. This stone is bound to your account as soon as you claim the veteran reward and can not be traded.

SoulstoneFragmentsmiddleSoulstone Fragments come in two varieties. Both look like a piece broken off of a full soulstone. One comes in token form. This is a five (5) use stone colored green, blue, or red. These were given out on a few different occasions including anniversary gifts. This Fragment is bound to your account as soon as you claim the Fragment from the token. The token can be sold or traded.

soulstone_fragmentThe 2nd type of Soulstone Fragment is a white fragment and is a one (1) use stone that is craftable in-game using special ingredients. This Fragment is bound to your account as soon as you put a skill on the Fragment. Until then – the Fragment can be sold or traded.

To craft a one-charge soulstone fragment, you will need the alchemy skill with the glass-blowing ability.
To start, you will need to gather the ingredients – 2 Crystal Granules and 2 Void Essence. To get the Crystal Granules take a “Shimmering Crystal” from the corpse of the Shimmering Effusion Peerless and use the Alchemy skill with a Mortar and Pestle to crush it into Crystal Granules. If you have GM Skill and a +25 Alchemy Talisman or better – you will not fail. Repeat the attempts until you have succeeded in making 2 Crystal Granules. To get the 2 Void Essences, kill the Abyssal creatures in Ter-Mur.

Once you have the ingredients, you will need the Alchemy skill with the Glassblowing ability and you will need a Blow Pipe as your tool plus the ingredients above to craft the Soulstone Fragment.

Using a Soulstone: A Full Soulstone has an infinite number of uses. A Fragment has a limited number of uses – but a “charge” or use is only used when you remove the skill from the Fragment. To use the soulstone, 2x click the stone to get the Soulstone menu.

If you use a soulstone that has no skill on it, then the menu will show the skills currently on your character. To move a skill to the stone, open the skill menu and set a skill to lower. The select that skill on the soulstone menu and the skill will be moved from your character onto the soulstone.

If you use a soulstone that already has a skill on it – then you will have two options:
1.) Activate the stone. I am ready to retrieve the skill points from it.
2.) Remove all skill points from this stone and DO NOT absorb them.

Option #1 will put the skills back onto your character assuming that you have the available skill points to hold the new skill. If you have other skills turned to lower, then you will absorb the skill from the stone and one of the other skills will drop. Because of this – many players have accidentally lost skills they did not intend to drop. Before reclaiming a skill, please make certain that your skills are all locked so that you do not suffer a skill loss from a tragic soulstone accident.

Option #2 is used to “flush” a skill making it go away. This is rarely used, but can be beneficial when training a skill solely for the stat gains that can come with the skill gain. Gaining the skill to 15 and then flushing the skill and repeating the training to 15 again can result in rapid stat gains.

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