Resurrection in Ilshenar

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Resurrection; by FatherGanja

You are Dead:
It happens to even the most powerful of warriors and wizards. Death. But, if the persons soul wills it to be, they may find their way through the darkness, and back to the world of the living.

Dying in Ilshenar however, is an entirely different matter. Due to the lack of civilized life, lack of healers, and the simple fact the land is so big, some have found the path back to life more difficult than before. But fear not! After pouring over lost scrolls and forgotten books, and doing explorations of my own, I have found several locations in Ilshenar, all with the power to raise the dead.

Oddly Colored FlowstoneFound to the east of Humility, and near one of the entrances to Ankh, lies this strange outcropping. Ordained with runes of power, this stone has the power to give life.

Fountain of LifeFar to the east, and a bit south of Humility, inside an old abandoned building, are steps leading down into Ankh and the Fountain of Life, able to bring the dead back from beyond, with just touch of it’s waters.

Shrine of the VirtuesNot much is known about this shrine, although it is adorned with several statues of Gargoyles, and that is has the power over death itself, giving life to those that have passed on.
Healer’s GroveUpon hearing of the need of healers in the new lands, a small band of healers have made the journey to Ilshenar, and offer their healing knowledge north of the Sacrifice gate. Located in a small grove of trees around an old well, these wandering healers will be sure to help you, should you need it.
The healers, not content with simply sitting around doing nothing, have started to set up huts in the very wilds of Ilshenar. These huts, while sometimes very close to dangerous monsters capable of horrific things, are always maintained by the healers, sworn to heal whomever needs their help.

The currently known Healer Outposts are located

The Deuce’s Vinculum Inn

the shrine of Valor
, and

in a small, mountain valley
Tree of LifeLike the Fountain of Life, we know little about this magical tree found beyond the swampy wastes of Nox Tereg. Alive with a magical spark, this tree is not what it seems… for it has the power to raise the dead, and who knows what else…

Ethereal Warriors

Powerful warriors, capable of slaying all but the most evil of creatures, they possess the power to heal the dead, but only if you are of pure heart, for they will strike down those who shy away from the light…

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