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Perfection; by Nickster

Perfection is an ability that grants a damage bonus dependent on the amount of consecutive hits you deal to a certain target. It is not activated directly; in order to use it you must have at least 50 Bushido skill points and then Honor a target creature (open the virtue menu and double click on the honor symbol). Perfection may not be used against other players.

Once this is done every successful blow will increase your perfection while a miss will lower it. As your level increases each strike will deal more and more damage (to a maximum of a 100% bonus at the highest level), so the use of equipment with a Hit Chance Increase bonus is desirable. The Bushido ability Lightning Strike is also useful for sustaining a combo.

If you defeat your target while at the highest level of perfection, you will regain some Hit Points, Stamina and Mana.

Your effective Luck level is also boosted by ten percent of your squared perfection score. At it’s maximum this score is 100, so therefore the best luck bonus is (100^2)/10 = 1000.

Once the target creature is slain you lose all perfection and must start over when you honor the next. Originally perfection could also be used against players, however a later publish removed the ability to Honor them.

Last modified: October 17, 2011

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