Mechanical Pets

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Mechanical Pets
By Petra Fyde, March 2010

The ability to construct mechanical pets was discovered some years ago when Lord Blackthorn brought his abominable constructs to Ilshenar. The basic building blocks of mechanical pet construction are:

a clockwork assembly

and a power crystal

Although crafted by characters with Tinkering skill the pets themselves are not listed on the tinkering menu. Creating them is an exhausting task, if attempting to repeat it too quickly you will be advised ‘You are too drained to do this. You must wait a few minutes to construct another pet.’ A rest of approximately 10 minutes will revive you.

The Basic Pet

The simplest mechanical pet is the golem, it occupies three follower slots. To construct this creature you will need:

1 Clockwork Assembly
1 Power Crystal
5 Gears
50 iron ingots
50 bronze ingots

Ensure you have sufficient free follower slots for the pet then double click on the clockwork assembly.

Advanced Pets

The mage, Sutek, has discovered a way to craft more complex pets. To do this you must modify the basic clockwork assembly. Instructions for this are found in the book ‘Mechanical Life Manual’ which is obtained by doing Sutek’s Quest. It is not essential that the quest be done by a tinker, the book is transferable. It is consumed upon reading, in the same way as the books for stone crafting, glassblowing and mining for glass or sand are consumed. Constructing the modified clockwork assemblies is done through the tinker crafting menu and requires a basic clockwork assembly, a power crystal and 1, 2 or 3 void essence.

A Modified Clockwork Assembly

Clockwork Scorpion

clockwork scorpion
This simplest of the advanced constucts occupies one follow slot. To create it you will need:

1 Clockwork Scorpion Assembly
100 Bronze ingots
10 Gears

Double click the assembly to trigger construction.

Clockwork Leather Wolf

Clockwork Leatherwolf

When ordered to attack this mechanical companion howls for help. A maximum of 3 additional leather wolves materialise at approximately 4 second intervals and attack the target. They will dematerialise in the same way after the battle. The summoned wolves fight only the initial target and the clockwork wolf cannot summon more helpers till the existing ones have disappeared. The clockwork wolf occupies one follower slot, the summoned helpers do not occupy slots.
To construct this pet you will need:

1 Clockwork Leather Wolf assembly
100 Cut Leather
1 Flask of oil (bought from a provisioner)

Double click the assembly to trigger construction.


clockwork vollem

Strongest of the mechanical pets, this occupies 2 follower slots and makes short work of mid-level creatures such as toxic slith. To create it you will need:

1 Vollem Assembly
50 Cut Leather
25 White Dragon Scales

Caring for your Pet

Bandages and greater heal spells will not serve to restore these mechanical entities. They can be repaired via tinkering skill, however there is a 30 second wait between repairs and bronze or iron ingots are consumed in the process. Spells which will aid your companion are the spellweaving spell ‘gift of renewal’ and the mysticism spell ‘cleansing winds’. In case of poison, ‘cure’ and ‘arch cure’ are also effective.


These pets are freely transferable to any character having sufficient free follower slots. No taming or tinkering skill is required to own them. The mysticism spell ‘cleansing winds’ would seem to offer the best chance of keeping the pet in good repair. Since they are not alive, these pets can not bond with their owner.

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