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Ultima Online Gaming Lingo
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Lingo Word Reference Meaning
Camp Action To remain in one spot, waiting for certain spawn
Capping Action Getting the maximum of 700 skill points
Drain Action Tactic to drain a monster of all of it’s magical energy (mana) before attacking it hand to hand
Farm Action To basically harvest a resouce, ie, visiting all the blacksmiths to buy ingots over and over again
Flag Action Becoming grey, criminal – often intentionally
Gank Action To team up on, be teamed up on or killed in an unfavorable way; also, to steal or have something stolen.
Guard whacked Action Killed by a guard for committing a crime
Hit the stone Action Dbl-click the faction stone or guildstone
House sitting Action Waiting for a house that is “In danger of collapsing” to collapse
IDOC Camping Action Staking out a house in the hopes it will decay and drop all items inside on the floor ready for taking.
In Lor Action Use nightsight spell
Insta-log, instalog Action Log out in a location, such as an inn or one’s own house, where your character immediately disappears from the game.
Insta-Rez Action Instantly Resurrect
Jacked Action Ganked
Loot Action Remove items from a corpse
Macro Action Use an external program to perform repeated tasks in game
Mana dump Action Tactic to use all mana a player has on an opponent in the form of harmful spells
Manifest Action To become visible when dead
Permakill Action Permanently kill a character, usually for deletion
Ping Action Test the amount of lag – a timing action
PKing Action Killing Players
Reg up Action Get more reagents, usually prior to a hunting adventure
Restock Action To restock a vendor
Revert Action Server outage – revert to previous data backup – Timewarp
Rez-Kill Action The dastardly act of resurrecting and killing repeatedly
RP Action Role-play
Scam Action To gain items, usually valuable, by using devious, illegal methods
Spam, spamming Action To say the same sentence over and over
Spar Action To practice fighting or magery skills with a friend without the threat of death
Stat Loss Action Loss of stats due to murder
Timewarp Action Server outage – warp back to previous data backup – Revert
Wall up Action Make a wall at a doorway to prevent exit/entrance
X-heal Action Cross heal
BK Room Dungeon Bone Knights Room in Deceit
Ice Dungeon Ice Dungeon – and – Isle of Honesty, Arctic Isle
Keep Dungeon Terrathan Keep
Liches Dungeon Deceit Lower Level
Temple Dungeon Daemon Temple on Avatar Island
Aids Item Bandaids
Archer Suit Item A light armor combination
Bandies, Bandys Item Bandages
Bbs Item Blessed black sandals
BOD Item Bulk Order Deed
Check Item Bank check
Daily Item A rare item that spawns once every day
Dessies, Dessys Item Desert Ostards
Dynamic Item An item in the game which can be manipulated
E-horse Item Ethereal Horse
Ether Item Ethereal Mount
GP, gp Item Gold pieces or gold coins.
Keg(s) Item Potion Keg(s)
Kite Item Kite Shield
Long Item Long Main Nightmare
Loot Item Gold, valuables – often removed from a corpse
Map Item Treasure Map
MIB Item Message in a bottle
Net Item Special fishing net
Plate Item Plate metal armor
Pure Item Pure Black Nightmare
Rares Item Uncommon or rare in-game items
Reg Item Short Main Nightmare
Ride Item Mount
Ridgies, Ridgys Item Ridgebacks
Ruin Item Recall Rune or a certain magical state of an item
Semis Item Rare items that spawn once every 18 to 38 minutes
Server births Item Rare items that spawn once when a server becomes active
Shard births Item Very rare items that spawn once when a shard becomes active for the first time
SOS Item Message in bottle – Same as MIB
ss Item sandstone house
Static Item An item in the game which can not be moved or manipulated
Stone Item Guildstone, Moonstone
T-map Item Treasure map. Used to find and dig up hidden treasure.
TB Mare Item True Black Nightmare
Tub Item Dye Tub, Furniture Tub, Black Dye Tub
vil, villa Item house
Ancients Monster Ancient wyrms
Bally Monster Balron, a very powerful demon
BE Monster Blood Elemental
Blood Monster Blood Elemental
CoS Monster Collector of Souls
Drag Monster Dragon
DSS Monster Deep Sea Serpent
Earthy Monster Earth elemental
EG, Elders Monster Elder Gazers
Ele Monster Elemental – Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Ellies Monster Elementals
EW Monster Ethereal Warriors
GSS Monster Giant Silver Serpent
LL Monster Lich Lord
Lord Monster Orc Lord or Ogre Lord
Mare Monster Nightmare. A powerful and tameable horse-like monster
ME Monster Meer Eternal
MM Monster Meer Mage
Muddy Buddies Monster Earth Elementals
NPC Monster Non-Player Character
OL Monster Ogre Lord
Ophids Monster Ophidians
Orphs Monster Ophidians
PE Monster Posion Elemental
PWW Monster Pure White Worm
Rats Monster Ratmen
RC Monster Rotting Corpse
Serp Monster Sea Serpent
Skeletal Monster Skeletal Dragon
Snakes Monster Not only snakes, but often ophidians
Spid Monster Spider
Terras Monster Terrathans
Terravenger Monster Terrathan Avenger
Tets Monster Terrathans
TWW Monster True White Worm
Uni Monster Unicorn
WW Monster White Wyrm. A type of monster
Wyrm Monster White wyrm
7xGM Other A player with 7 skills at maximum (100) level.
8×8 Other Method to gain skills using an invisible grid of 8×8 map tiles
Ankle Biter Other Skilless or New Fighter
Anti Other Anti-player Killer. A UO player that is out to kill PKs.
Avocado Other Seer
Base Other A faction stronghold
BH Other Burst Hour – Same as Power Hour
Blue Other Character with innocent status
BS Other Blacksmith
Bug Other A glitch in the game causing an error of some type.
Carebear Other Derogatory term, indicating a Trammel player
Char Other Character
Client Other The program on your computer that communicates with the server
CoM Other Council of Mages – Factions
Combo Other A tactical combination of magic spells and/or weapon attacks.
Coords Other Coordinates to a location
Count Other Murder count
cunslor, councelor Other counselor
Dex Other Dexterity – Stat
Dex Monkey Other A character with high dexterity
Dexxer Other Thief, Fighter – Character with high dexterity
Dread Other A Dread Lord/Lady. Mostly obsolete since the glory days of the Dreads was pre T2A.
Eastern Sky Other Reference to timezone EST
emote Other Indicate emotion, as in *blushes*
Exp Other Experience
Exploit Other An account-bannable offense
Fairly Other Fairly worn. One of the decay stages of a house
GGS Other Guaranteed Gain of Skill
GL Other Glorious Lord/Lady (and also Great Lakes a shard)
GM Other Game Master, Guild Master, Guild Mistress, Grand Master
God Client Other The program used by Game Masters – Added capability
Gods Other Game Masters
Greatly Other Greatly worn. One of the decay stages of a house
Greens Other Guilded
Grey Other Character with criminal or aggressor status.
Griefer Other A player who repeatedly and intentionally engages in actions designed to interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the game. A derogatory term.
Gump Other Graphical User Menu Pop-up – can be opened and closed
Health Other A measure of durability – equivalent to Strength
Hit points Other The number of points remaining before death – See Health
ICQ Other Instant Messenger that allows you to talk to other players via the net, outside of the game
IDOC Other In Danger of Collapsing. The final decay stage of a house, before it collapses (disappears)
Int Other Intelligence – Stat – See Mana
k Other Thousand. 10k = 10,000 (gold coins, ingots, arrows etc.)
Lag Other Internet latency, causing the connection to the game server to become slow
Lag Monster Other Whatever is causing the lag. Not an actual game monster.
LB Other Lord British. Former King of Britannia.
LBR Other Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge, a UO expansion kit
Looter Other A person who loots dead players corpses – see Loot
Main Other Main character – the primary character used in the game.
Mana Other Needed for casting magic spells – equivalent to Intelligence
mil Other Million. 10mil = 10 million gold
Min Other Minax – Factions
Mule Other A secondary character created for quickly gathering resources (usually gold) or providing services (e.g., creating exceptional armor and weapons) for a primary character which cannot or does not want to devote skill points to those activities. Often created by players whose primary character is a PK, adventurer or merchant, and are often craftsmen of some sort. But the opposite also occurs, where, for example, an alchemist will create a monster basher mule to quickly raise funds to support alchemy
Newbie, Noob, newB, noobie Other An unworthy opponent; a battle-cry; a new player; uninformed
Noto Other Notoriety Player Killer. A PK who not only kills non-innocent players but also does so repeatedly, and with no good in-game reasons, so as to be able to kill players without going red himself. A noto will typically attack any grey player on sight, even if the player went grey by accident, or perhaps flagged grey intentionally. Noto is a derogatory term, not used by the noto to refer to himself.
Nox Mage Other A character with magery and poisoning
Oranges Other Opposing Guild/Faction
Para ganked Other Death by repeated paralyze spells so that one cannot move throughout the short remainder of their impending doom. Often characterized by application of several x-pattern energy or paralyze fields as well..
Para, para’d, parad Other The casting of, or state of being under the effect of, the paralyze spell
PB Other Pure Black, the darkest color a Nightmare can be
Peach, Peachy Other Ingame supporter, replaced for Counselors
Perma Other Short for permanently grey, which affects a thief who has stolen from someone.
PH Other Power Hour
Picker Other Lockpicker
Pigeon Other ICQ
PK Other Player Killer. A UO player that is out to kill other (mostly innocent) players in-game.
Pure black Other The most black an item can be. Also True Black
PvM Other Player vs Monster
PvP Other Player vs Player
Red Other Character with murderer status
Red robed Other Game Master
rot Other rate over time
Scammer Other A person who gains items, usually valuable, by using devious, illegal methods
See-saw Other To manipulate stats fast using two stat modifying skills
Shard Other Set of servers spanning one entire UO world
Sig Other Signature
SL Other Shadow Lords – Factions
Smurf Other Counselor
Spammer Other A person who says the same sentence over and over
Stats Other The combination of Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence
Str Other Strength – Stat – See Health
T2A Other Ultima Online – The Second Age. An expansion pack that added the Lost Lands of Delucia and Papua to the game.
TB Other True Brits
ToW Other Terms of War
Trammie Other Player who prefers playing on the Trammel facet
True black Other The most black an item can be. Also Pure Black
Twink Other A low skill player, using high level abilities (a 60/60 twink tamer would have 60 taming, 60 lore but be using dragons). Also a person who thinks they are good but they aren’t; someone who has a very unorigional name like ‘Goku’.
UO3d Other The 3d (Third Dawn) client
UO:LBR, LBR Other Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge
UO:R Other Ultima Online Renaissance. An expansion pack for UO.
UOA Other Ultima Online Assist – Third party software
UOAM Other Ultima Online Auto Map – Third party software
Vendor Other A player-maintained NPC merchant
Vet Other Veteran Player
Xshard Other Across shards, normally used when trading
Yoink, *yoink* Other To be one less of whatever you had
Artic Isle Place Frozen island at the north east of Brittania
Avatar Island Place Jungle island to the south east, has Hythloth dungeon on it
Barneyland Place Trammel
Brit Place Britain
Brit Bank Place West Britain Bank
Buc’s Place Bucaneer’s Den
CoD Place City of the Dead
Dagger Isle Place Frozen island at the north east of Brittania
Del Place Delucia
Fel Place Felucca
Fire Island Place Avatar Island
Fire Island Place Jungle island to the south east, has Hythloth dungeon on it
Gate Place Moongate. A fixed or magical created doorway that allows travel of groups over large distances.
Glow Place Moonglow. A Britannian town
Green acres Place An area on the map that is not legitimately an open area of the game, but which nevertheless some players managed to get runes to at some point. Used for testing by OSI personnel and, at one time, for training counselors.
GY Place Graveyard
Ice Place Artic Island
Ice Island Place Same as Artic Island
Ish, Ilsh Place Ilshenar
Justice Region Place Area surrounding towns and moongates where guards punish criminals
LL Place Lost Lands, large world area
Mag Place Magincia
Maze Place The Maze
Noobieville/town Place Haven
Nujelm Place Nujel’m
OL Place Old Lands, large world area
Pap Place Papua
Pit Place Jhelom Dueling Pit
RC Room Place Rotting Corpse Room
Serps Place Serpents Hold
Skara Place Skara Brae. A Britannian town
T2A Place The Second Age lands
Terra keep Place Terrathan Keep
Tram Place Trammel
Trin Place Trinsic
Valor Place Valor Island
WBBT Place West Britain Bank Trammel
Xroad Place Crossroad
Black Potion Nightsight
Blue Potion Agility
DP Potion Deadly Poison. Green.
GA Potion Greater Agility. Blue. Increases dexterity.
GC Potion Greater Cure. Orange. Cures Poison
GE Potion Greater Explosion. Purple.
GH Potion Greater Heal. Yellow. Restores hit points.
GP Potion Greater Poison. Green.
Green Potion Poison
GS Potion Greater Strength. White. Adds strength.
Nox Potion Poison or Nightsight
NS Potion Nightsight. Black. See in the dark
Orange Potion Cure
Pots Potion Potions
Purple Potion Explosion
Red Potion Refresh
White Potion Strength
Yellow Potion Heal
Ash Reagent Sulphorous Ash
BM Reagent Blood Moss
BP Reagent Black Pearl
Drake Reagent Mandrake Root
GL Reagent Garlic
GS Reagent Ginseng
Moss Reagent Blood Moss
MR Reagent Mandrake Root
NS Reagent Nightshade
Pearl Reagent Black Pearl
Regs Reagent Reagents
Root Reagent Mandrake Root
SA Reagent Sulphorous Ash
Shade Reagent Nightshade
Silk Reagent Spider Silk
SS Reagent Spider Silk
Atl Shard Atlantic
Cats Shard Catskills
Chessy, Chessie Shard Chesapeake
Drach Shard Drachenfels
EU Shard Europa
GL Shard Great Lakes
LS Shard Lake Superior
Mag Shard Magincia
Ocky Shard Oceania
Pac Shard Pacific
SP Shard Siege Perilous
Anat Skill Anatomy
Bowcraft Skill Bowcraft, Flething
Bowery Skill Bowcraft, Flething
Carp Skill Carpentry
Carto, Cart Skill Cartography
Detect Skill Detect Hidden
Disarm Skill Disarm Thief – Combo Skill
Eval Skill Evaluate Intelligence
Fletching Skill Bowcraft, Flething
Forensics Skill Forensic Evaluation
ID Skill Item Identification
Item ID Skill Item Identification
Jacker Skill Lumberjack
LJ Skill Lumberjacking
Lore Skill Animal Lore
Lore Skill Arms or Animal Lore
LP Skill Lockpicking
Lumber Skill Lumberjacking
Picking Skill Lockpicking
Resist Skill Magic Resistance
SS Skill Spirit Speak
Stunner Skill Mage of Thief with Stun Punch – Combo Skill
Swords Skill Swordsmanship
Taming Skill Animal Taming
Taste Skill Taste Identification
Vet Skill Veterinary
??? Speech Huh?, Excuse me?, What?
^^ Speech a smile
afk Speech away from keyboard
ar Speech armor rating
Art Speech Are (Thou art brave = You are brave)
b/f Speech boy friend
Banz0rr3d Speech Forcibly removed from uo (banned)
bay Speech ebay
bbiab Speech be back in a bit
bbiam Speech be back in a minute
bbs Speech be back soon
brb Speech be right back
brh Speech be right here
brt Speech be right there
btw Speech by the way
c&o, c/o Speech chaos and order
Cheapie Speech Wasted murder count
convo Speech conversation
cul8r Speech See you later
cya Speech See you (later)
d00d Speech dude
dur Speech Durable
emm acc Speech Eminently Accurate
g/f Speech girl friend
gl Speech good luck
hail Speech hello
haxxor Speech hacker
hehe Speech Laughter
Hither Speech Not precisely ‘here'; it’s more like ‘to here, towards here (this point)’.
HnK Speech Hugs and Kisses
ic Speech In character – playing a role
ic Speech I see
imma Speech I’m a, I am a
irl Speech in real life
j/k Speech just kidding
j00 Speech you
k, kk Speech ok
keke Speech laughter
l00t Speech loot, remove items from a corpse
L8er Speech Later
lamer Speech twink
Lates Speech Later
leet, l33t, 1337, 371173 Speech very good. Derived from “elite”
lol Speech laughing out loud
lost conn Speech lost connection
ltz, l8r Speech later
mk Speech Hmm okay
morrow Speech morning
nerfed Speech busted, broken, destroyed
np Speech no problem
ooc Speech Out of Character, no longer role-playing
otoh Speech on the other hand
otw Speech on the way
ow Speech overweight
owned Speech I own you, your life, you are defeated
para-tame Speech paralyze-tame – a method of paralyzing a target in order to more easily tame it
peekay, PK Speech PK, or player killer
plz Speech please
ppl Speech people
pwned Speech Owned
r Speech are
rl Speech real life
RoE Speech Rules of Engagement
rofl Speech rolling on the floor laughing
roxxors Speech rocks
Sitters, Campers Speech Bank Sitters
Smackdown Speech Kicked Butt
Sploit Speech Exploit
Sploiter Speech One who uses exploits
sup Speech Hello, what’s going on?
sup acc Speech Surpassingly Accurate
suxxors Speech sucks
tele Speech teleport
thee Speech you (as in: to you)
thine Speech your
thou Speech you (as in: you have)
thx Speech thanks
thy Speech your – belonging to thee
ty Speech thank you
u Speech you
ur Speech your, you’re
wazzup Speech Hello, what’s going on?
wb Speech Welcome back
welx Speech welcome
Wep Speech Weapon
woot Speech An emotional phrase – I DID IT! YOU DID IT! HOORAY!
y Speech why
yer Speech your
yw Speech you’re welcome
BS Spell Blade Spirits
Chain, CL Spell Chain Lightning
E-Field Spell Energy Field
EB Spell Energy Bolt
Ebolt Spell Energy Bolt
EQ Spell Earthquake
EV Spell Energy Vortex
Exp Spell Explosion
FS Spell Flamestrike
Gate Spell Gate Travel
GH Spell Greater Heal
Invis Spell Invisibility
IVM Spell In Vas Mani, Greater Heal
MB Spell Mind Blast
Morph Spell Polymorph
MS Spell Meteor Swarm
NS Spell Nightsight
Para Spell Paralyze
PF, P-Field Spell Paralyze Field
Poly Spell Polymorph
Res, Rez Spell Resurrection
SD Spell Summon Daemon
Summon Spell Summon Creature – Elementals – Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Bard, Bardy Weapon Bardiche
Broad, Broady Weapon Broadsword
Crook Weapon Shepherd’s crook
Dur Weapon Durable – Weapon Modifier
Emm acc Weapon Eminently Accurate – Weapon Modifier
Force Weapon Weapon modifier
Fork Weapon War fork
Halby, hally Weapon Halberd
Hammer Weapon War Hammer
Heavy Weapon Heavy Cross-bow
Hvy Weapon Heavy Cross-bow
Kat Weapon Katana
LS Weapon Long spear
Might Weapon Weapon modifier
Power Weapon Weapon modifier
Qstaff Weapon Quarter staff
Ruin Weapon Weapon modifier
Scimi, Skimi Weapon Scimitar
Silver Weapon Weapon modifier – increases ability to kill undead
Slayer Weapon Virtue Weapon
Sup acc Weapon Surpassingly Accurate – Weapon Modifier
Vanq Weapon Weapon of Vanquishing
Virtue Weps Weapon Weapons of Virtue
Xbow Weapon Cross-bow

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