Fountain of Fortune

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Fountain of Fortune
As you approach the fountain, the darkness of the dungeon is pulled
away like a curtain. A sea of light flows about you, and you’re
overwhelmed with a sense of peace. 

The fountain will resurrect a ghost




Starting at the entrance of the dungeon, go straight down
the corridor. Turn left towards the wall, and open the door to the
hidden passageway.

Go North down the hallway, avoiding the rotworms, and turn
right into the teleporter.

From the Teleport exit continue North past the spiral stairs
and turn right into the Gray Goblins’ Lair.

While dodging the goblins, make your way North through the
marble room into the Wolf Spider Cave, and turn left, hurrying past the
Goblin Keeper, and his Wolf Spider pets.

Go a little ways North again and turn left down the dirt
floor passageway, and make a right turn into the Fountain.




Double click two or more lucky coins and toss them into the fountain. This can be done once per character every 12 hours. 

(If a stack larger than two is used, only two will be consumed, and
you’ll only receive two fortunes)

Luck Bonus – “Your luck just improved!” 

– Increases Luck by 400 for 30 minutes.

Stat Bonus – “You suddenly feel stronger/more agile/wiser!”

– Increases one stat, chosen at random, by 10 for 30 minutes.

Reduced Vulnerability – “You suddenly feel less vulnerable!”

– Unknown effect* for 30 minutes.

Lengthen Enchantment – “The duration of your balm increases by an hour!”

– Increases duration of Balm, or a previous Stat Bonus effect from the fountain by an hour.

* This enchantment has been seen to not have an effect on armor Resists





“An item has been placed in your backpack”

Relic Fragment
soles of providence Soles of Providence

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