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Distilling is part of the Rustic Theme Pack, introduced June 2011.

Building the Distillery

To commence your alcholic career you must first build your distillery. You will need:

  • 2 Metal Kegs – crafted by a blacksmith with a minimum of 85 skill and using 25 ingots per keg
  • 4 Heating Stands – crafted by a tinker with a minimum of 60 skill and using 4 ingots per stand
  • 1 copper wire – these spawn in 3 locations per facet:
    • Buccaneer’s Den Smithy. Two barrels in which smith items spawn roughly every 20 minutes. No stealing skill required. These barrels begin the day empty and must be ‘primed’ by being opened once to start the timer.  If they are not emptied at each spawn time they will revert to this state until primed again.
    • Serpent’s Hold – Serpent’s Arms. 2 metal chests, one in each room, stealing skill required
    • Serpent’s Hold – Blacksmith. 1 barrel and several wooden crates, stealing skill required.

Having collected the materials, plus a few spares to allow for failures, the distillery (East or South facing) is crafted by a tinker having a minimum of 90 skill.

Preparing for Production

Before beginning liquor production you will need empty liquor barrels. These are crafted by a carpenter with a minimum of 60 skill and using 50 boards per barrel.

If making Whiskey you will also need Wheat Wort, crafted by a cook, or at least someone with a handy skillet, skill level 0 using 1 flour, 1 water and 1 empty bottle.

It is advisable also to have a water trough available. Crafted by a carpenter with a minimum of 94.7 skill and using 150 boards.


Figures shown on the initial menu are for ‘single distillation’. On selecting your yeast the distillery options menu appears. This offers:

  • Standard or double distillation. (Selecting ‘double’ increases the ingredient requirement to double, except for yeast.)
  • The option to add a maker’s mark
  • The option to create a label of up to 15 characters

The Recipes

All recipes except Akvavit need time to mature.

Wheat Based:
Whiskey – yeast, wheat wort: 3
Bourbon –  yeast, wheat wort: 3, Bowl of corn: 3 (bowl of corn from inn or tavern)
Spirytus – yeast, wheat wort: 3, bowl of potatoes: 3 (bowl of potatoes from inn or tavern)
Cassis –  yeast, wheat wort: 3, bowl of potatoes: 3, tribal berry: 3 (tribal berry from savage shaman or female warrior)
Melon Liqueur – yeast, wheat wort: 3, bowl of potatoes: 3, honeydew melon: 3 (honeydew melon from farmer)
Mist –  yeast, wheat wort: 3 jar of honey: 3 (honey from baker or Vesper beekeeper)

Water Based:
Akvavit – yeast, pitcher of water: ½, bowl of potatoes: 3 (no maturing time)
Arak – yeast, pitcher of water: ½, bunch of dates: 3 (dates from provisioner’s crates, stolen or begging in Heartwood)
Corn Whisky – yeast, pitcher of water: ½, bowl of corn: 3.

Brandy –  Standard Distillation – pitcher of wine: 4
Double Distillation – pitcher of wine: 8

Yeast is a common drop from orcs and comes in 5 varieties, bacterial resistance -, – -, + -, + and ++  (minus, double minus, plus minus, plus and double plus) It is believed that this contributes to the success chance.

Last modified: November 27, 2013

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