Commodity Deeds

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Commodity Deeds & Commodity Deed Boxes
Updated by Petra Fyde; May 2009

 The Commodity Deed

A commodity deed is a blessed, pale green deed purchased from an NPC banker (excluding the Ilshenar Gypsies). It allows large quantities of stackable resources to be transported and traded safely.
Commodity Deed

To use the deed place it, and the commodity you wish to transport on it, in your bank box (not in a container within your bank box) or in a commodity deed box in your home. Double click the deed and target the item. The deed will change color to a darker green and the label on the deed will change from ‘Commodity deed, Blessed, Unfilled’ to ‘Commodity Deed Worth [quantity] [item], blessed, filled (eg Commodity Deed Worth 5000 Ash Boards)

To redeem a filled deed, place the deed in your bank box (not a container within your bank box) or a commodity deed box in your home and double click it. The deed will disappear and the commodity that was stored on it will appear in your box.Deeds can be used only once.

The Commodity Deed Box

This item was introduced in September 2008 – Publish 55 and is a first year veteran reward. The box allows players to fill and redeem commodity deeds in their homes.
Commodity Box

The box must be set as a ‘secure’ container in a player owned house (normal housing rules for placement apply). Not a ‘locked down’ box and not inside another container. It has the same security settings as all other containers used for player storage.

To fill a deed place the deed and the commodity to be stored on it in the commodity deed box, double click the deed and target the item. To redeem the deed, place it in the commodity deed box and double click it.

Almost all stackable items may be transported on a commodity deed, exceptions are:

  • Ore.
  • Faction Items.
  • Certain types of legacy items.

Last modified: March 28, 2011

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