Buff and Debuff Icons

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The folllowing icons can appear in your ‘buff’ and ‘debuff’ bars to signify which buff or debuff is currently affecting your character

Table of Buff and Debuff Icons
Blue Icons


DisguisedDisguised Incognito





Gargoyle Fly


(bard ability)

Green Icons
InspireInspire InvigorateInvigorate ResilienceResilience PerseverancePerseverance BasstasticMagic Fish Buff
AgilityAgility Animal FormAnimal Form
Arcane EmpowermentArcane Empowerment  Arch ProtectionArch Protection  Attune WeaponAttune Weapon BlessBless  Blood_Oath_casterBlood Oath
CunningCunning Divine_FuryDivine Fury
 Enemy_Of_OneEnemy Of One  Ethereal VoyageEthereal Voyage  Gift Of LifeGift Of Life  Gift Of RenewalGift Of Renewal  InvisibilityInvisibility Magic_ReflectionMagic Reflection  Night SightNight Sight
 PolymorphPolymorph ProtectionProtection  Reactive ArmorReactive Armor StrengthStrength Grapes Of WrathGrapes Of Wrath  Stone FormStone Form Gargoyle BerserkGargoyle Berserk
 Hit_DualWieldInEffectHit Dual Wield
In Effect
BlockBlock  Defense MasteryDefense Mastery  HealingSkill_InEffectHealing Skill In Effect Spell FocusingSpell Focusing  Rage FocusingRage Focusing  WardingWarding
 Tribulation (Bard Ability)Tribulation
(Bard Ability)
 SurgeSurge FeintFeint ConsecrateConsecrate  Horrific BeastHorrific Beast  Lich_FormLich Form  Vampric_EmbraceVampric Embrace
 Wraith_FormWraith Form  Curse_WeaponCurse Weapon  Reaper_FormReaper Form Immolating_WeaponImmolating Weapon  EnchantEnchant Honorable_ExecutionHonorable Execution ConfidenceConfidence
 EvasionEvasion  Counter_AttackCounter Attack  Lightning_StrikeLightning Strike Momentum_StrikeMomentum Strike  Orange_PetalsOrange Petals Rose Of Trinsic PetalsRose Of Trinsic Petals  Poison Immunity ResistancePoison Immunity Resistance
 VeterinaryVeterinary PerfectionPerfection  HonoredHonored  Mana_PhaseMana Phase  City Trade Deal
Red Icons
 TribulationTribulation DespairDespair  Achieve_PerfectionAchieve Perfection  BleedBleed Blood_Oath_curseBlood Oath (curse)  ClumsyClumsy Corpse_SkinCorpse Skin
 CurseCurse Death_StrikeDeath Strike  Disarm (2)DisarmDisarm  DismountDismount  Essence_of_WindEssence of Wind  Evil_OmenEvil Omen Feeble_MindedFeeble Minded
 HealHeal  HonoredHonored Mass_CurseMass Curse ParalyzeParalyze MindrotMindrot  Mortal_StrikeMortal Strike  Pain_SpikePain Spike
 PoisonPoison  StaminaStamina StrangleStrangle  ThunderstormThunderstorm WeakenWeaken SleepSleep  Spell_PlagueSpell Plague
 Mass_SleepMass Sleep Hit_LowerAttackHit Lower Attack Hit_LowerDefenseHit Lower Defense  SpellFocusing_DEBUFFSpell Focusing
 RageFocusing_DEBUFFRage Focusing
ForceArrowForce Arrow TalonStrikeTalon Strike
 PsychicAttackPsychic Attack Enemy_Of_OneDBEnemy Of One
Fandancer_Fan_FireFandancer Fan Fire  RageRage WebbingWebbing  Medusa_StoneMedusa Stone  Dragon_Slasher_FearDragon Slasher Fear
Aure_Of_NauseaAura Of Nausea  Howl_Of_CacophonyHowl Of Cacophony  Gaze_DespairGaze Despair Hiryu_Physical_ResistanceHiryu Physical Resistance Rune_Beetle_CorruptionRune Beetle Corruption  Bloodworm_AnemiaBloodworm Anemia Rotworm_Blood_DiseaseRotworm Blood Disease
 Skill_Use_DelaySkill Use Delay Faction_Stat_LossFaction Stat Loss  Heat_Of_Battle_StatusHeat Of Battle Status  Criminal_StatusCriminal Status Armor_PierceArmor Pierce  Splintering_EffectSplintering Effect Swing_SpeedSwing Speed
 armorcorruptarmor corrupt entangleentangle  falling wallsfalling walls CriminalIcon


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