Altering Items

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Altering Items
by Petra Fyde, July 2010

An addition to the menu of most craft tools with the Stygian Abyss Expansion is the ‘Alter Item (Gargoyle)’ option.

This can be used directly by a crafter, or through an alter service contract:

Alter service contracts are created in the same way as repair deeds. The crafter selects ‘alter’ from the menu and targets a blank scroll.  The contract can be used at a soulforge by any player.

This page documents what this option can be used for.  Where a Gargish item of the same name exists like for like conversion occurs. eg.

  • Chaos shield becomes Gargish chaos shield,
  • kryss becomes Gargish kryss
  • wooden shield becomes Gargish wooden shield
  • half apron becomes Gargish half apron
  • platemail arms become Gargish platemail arms
  • Exceptional Platemail Samurai items having ‘mage armor’ property retain the property when altered
Smith Items
  • No ringmail or chainmail items can be altered, helmets, platemail gloves, gorgets and mempos can not be altered.
  • Craftable artifacts retain their original name; ie Butcher’s War Cleaver becomes a shortblade but retains the name ‘Butcher’s War Cleaver’
Item type Alteration Result
Bronze Shield
Yes Small Plate Shield
Heater Shield Yes Large Plate Shield
Metal Shield Yes Medium Plate Shield
Metal Kite Shield Yes Gargish Kite Shield
Tear Kite Shield No
Yes Dread Sword
Crescent Blade
No Dachi
Rune blade
Yes Gargish Talwar
Cutlass No
Scimitar No
Viking Sword Yes Stone War Sword
Wakizashi No
Elven Spellblade
Bladed Staff
Double Bladed Staff
Short Spear
Yes Dual Pointed Spear
Radiant Scimitar No
War Cleaver
Assassin Spike
Yes Shortblade
Leafblade Yes Bloodblade
Elven Machete No
Double Axe
Executioner’s Axe
Large Battle Axe
Two Handed Axe
Ornate Axe
Yes Dual Short Axes
War Axe
Hammer Pick
War Mace
Diamond Mace
Yes Disc Mace
Carpentry Items
Shepherd’s Crook No Use as is
Quarter Staff No
Bokuto No
tetsubo No
Wildstaff No
Club No
Black Staff No
Tailor Items
Note: Replica items such as the ‘Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak’ that actually uses the shroud graphic, and not the cloak graphic can not be altered.Only leather/leaf armor arm, tunic and leg items can be altered, Studded/hide items cannot be altered, no clothing items, other than those listed below, can be altered.
All Footwear Styles Yes Gargish Talons
Robe No Wear as is
All quivers
Yes Wing Armor
Leather BustierFemale Leather Armor Yes Gargish Tunic
Leather shortsLeather skirt Yes Gargish Leggings
Tinker Items
Hatchet Yes Dual Short Axes
Smiths Hammer No Use as is
Pitchfork No
Skinning Knife No
Ring No Wear as is
Bracelet No Wear as is

Glasses, while not craftable, can be altered to their gargoyle equivelent by a tinker.

Last modified: January 5, 2014

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