Memorable Moment Winners – Balhae

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Memorable Moment Winners – Balhae

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2012 Oct 02 20:29 -0400 GMT

In the past few weeks your entries have tickled our funny bones, tugged at our heart strings and stirred up many enjoyable memories. In some shards the competition was fierce and forced many of us to diligently scour through many entries. Other shards the choice was much simpler. In either case, we would like to thank all of players for their amazing memories and announce our winning picks for your memorable UO moments.
The first moments we would like to publish are the ones from the Balhae Shard. We received only four entries, so all of the entries are winners!

In the game of Ultima Online, I am not the greatest fighter, always preferring the crafting aspect of the game, but I’ve always wanted the artifacts and rares that people got from difficult spawns and quests. Being from a shard that’s not highly populated, it was even harder to obtain these coveted items since there weren’t too many vendors around. Then I experienced my first IDOC, and it changed the way I play Ultima Online. This Structure Is In Danger Of Collapsing. Those seven words always send a sense of excitement through me. I happened along it accidentally, the house already in its final stage of decay, so I stuck around. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long before, *poof*!, the house disappeared and all this free stuff fell to the ground, including artifacts which I had longed after. There were a few other people there, and while I raced frantically from one box to the next, trying to decide what I should take, these people were swiftly loading up their pack horses and gating all the treasures away. I didn’t end up with very much since I was inexperienced and only grabbed what I could carry, but it did give me a glimpse of all the possibilities this offered.
From then on, I only got more efficient. I started marking recall runes for every house I came across, I’ve bonded pack horses to me so that they can recall with me, and I’ve set up chests right on my front steps to dump the items in. I’ve pretty much taken over my boyfriends account for my IDOC’ing tendencies as well. I do what I call ‘house checks’ for any sign of decay. Just recently, I’ve even bought a second account just so I can have an extra house for even more storage. If I don’t win this contest and receive the robe as a prize, (even though I hope I do) – I’m sure there will eventually be one in one of the houses that go in danger of collapsing. And I will be waiting.

So there we were me and my in game wife Luna trying to have our wedding without the EMs present (nothing against EMs ) and we are trying to do this in Felucia Britain in the Big castle there…. we are part of the COM factions and we have our guy who is marrying us is in SL …. We get the place loaded with plants and such for decoration and we get like 14 cakes and stacked them high enough and wide enough to try and make a pyramid and when we just got to the part where he says “speak now or forever hold your peace!” BAMB there comes TB a little purple Llama with a sigil and he start just destroying our minister so me and my wife get out of our wedding suits and into our pvp suits are try and stop him…much to our advantage we got him into stat loss mode due to he was opposing factions. so for the rest of the wedding he kept eating the cakes popping in and out of hiding and every time he came out until we were done my best man wrestled him to death. Later he became a good friend of ours and we now fight together in most out battles…
there it is my best memory in UO my wedding 😀


Some years ago, our shard was very crowded. There were many persons in anywhere. We wanted tranquil world and we wanted to do our likely. And we decided to restart in the new shard. It was Balhae. Awesome world! We could stay any time on our favorite place. It was comfortable and we decided to build our guild house on Balhae. Only one problem, we could not buy what we want. The only way is to get or make it ourselves. But that was not big problem, because it was what we wanted. Half a year after, one of our friend has quitted from britania. His main job was to collect the ingot and leather. And another day, one of member was away from our team. She was animal tamer. Two years later, I am alone in guild castle. I did not desire to be alone in this castle and world. To be or not to be, that is the question. One month after, I thought seriously that about away from this world or from this shard. One day I visited again my old shard. My sand stone patio is there. And I met few persons I know. I had felt nostalgic. I decided one more restart again at here. I can’t leave from this world. I opened the vendor shop in my house, made money, bought new house, made new guild member and made new friends. What I wanted most was a lot of communication rather than silence. This is the story of my only I know. I am supposed to got a rest from britania for 3 years. Now I am living on here. Last week, I visited our guild castle on Balhae. There is it, it is the same as those days.

The three of us were following the trail of blood. Luckily, it lead us straight out of the champ spawn area. Pvping someone of this skill level was difficult enough to combat alone, let alone being swarmed with ratmen mages. We followed the trail up to the mountains and knew we’d have him trapped eventually. Smokey’s connection was faster, so he was able to run ahead and keep him from reaching the tunnel that leads to Marble Island. The three of us have attempted to defend many champ spawns from Cotswold, but we have always failed. All of that practice was about to show through for once as we push on to execute the threat. I had a flame strike precaste and Cotswold’s bar pulled out. I was just itching for his bar to light up on my screen. I don’t typically pvp, so I did not have a plan after the initial flame strike, but I was tired of dying to the same guy day in and day out. It was time to fight back. Normally, we would just try to escape from Cotswold as his wrath has been undefeated. I caught back up with Naroo just in time for us to approach Smokey and Cotswold already fighting again. Cotswold was injured badly from Smokey’s bleed attack, but I could tell he had too much time to heal up before being forced to fight again. The three of us were tiring out as Cotswold seemed to run circles around us, but relentlessly we kept the battle going. I noticed that Smokey and Naroo kept getting Cotswold down to just a sliver of life left on his bar, then suddenly he would be back to full health. I started to caste the spell flame strike again, and this time I was going to wait for the opportune moment to target him. I watched his life bar go down and up for a short while. Finally, his life was only a sliver left and I targeted him as fast as my reflexes would allow. His body dropped to the ground face down. The site of Cotswold’s naked corpse lying on the ground spread eagle was so awesome, I had my character dance all over it. Not only did we FINALLY defeat this undefeatable Cotswold, but I got the kill shot!

Thank you again for all your wonderful memories and keep an eye on the Herald for more winning announcements!

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