Meet and Greet with EM Miko

October 10, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

First off Lady Mesanna stopped in to let the players know that EM Helios made his own decision to step down as an EM.  Mesanna explained how he had worked with the EM program for 4 years and wanted all the players on Legends to know how much he enjoyed working with them.  We should expect to see a new EM arrive at some point on the shard and she hinted towards the possibility of this person being a female, which would be a first for Legends.

Then EM Miko hosted a meet and greet for the players of Legends.  Many things were discussed and for those who missed I would like to fill you in on some of the information that we received.  EM Miko was looking for input and feedback on the recent and future events on Legends.  Time of the events was a hot topic so we took a vote and 9pm EST was the most popular time.  EM Miko was happy with the turn out of players at last month’s events which were all held at 11pm.  So he promised to hold events at different times to try to accommodate as many players as possible with the possibility of multiple events per day.  The most important thing regarding time of events is to check the town criers, they will have time and dates posted several days before their occurrence.  Events for the current story line will be held on Mondays through Thursdays.  There will be a points system put in place based on participation with attendance being taken at the beginning of an event.  Players will have an opportunity to turn in a book with their name to the EM during an event as well.  Points will also be based on other things like progressing an event, making a discovery, helping others progress in the event and by various other contributions towards the event.  The point Tally will mainly be used to determine titles much like the “Sea Dragon Herders” that you see on Legends currently(I’m guessing).

The current event has two groups of players squaring off against each other.  Both groups are centered around a city, Jhelom and Trinsic.  Players can choose to have characters on both sides but one single character can only choose one side at a time.  And you can switch sides, but all these things may effect your points.  The Defenders of Jhelom are currently working to protect their beloved Mythical Sea Dragons while the Trinsic Elite has threatened war and boasts the powers of several Crimson Dragons that have laid carnage to several players already.  There are also missing purple frogs on Legends right now that may be of use to one or both of the player groups.  Events are set to continue next Monday so watch the town criers.

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