May 30, 2012 Sports Report

May 30, 2012 By: Tina Small Category: Lake Austin News

The Sports Report listing high scores at the Void Pool and the Arenas has been updated with information gathered several hours ago today. You may find a copy here.

In Trammel, Suikoden still has the Best Single Battle score and Erin of Troy has been busy getting to the top of the Overall Total Score leaderboard. In Felucca, Jahajx Jov has the Best Single Battle score and also the highest Overall Total score. At the Arenas, the top 10 Survival and Team ratings remain unchanged from last week.

If you’d like to take a look at the reports for other shards, go to UO Stratics *New* | Global Sports Reports. There are links on the right side of this Global Reports page to jump you to the report for a specific shard.

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