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Traveler’s Guide and color-coded map of the Lost Lands


Map of the Lost Lands Towns (Orange)
  1. Delucia
  2. Papua
Dungeons (Yellow)
  1. Trinsic Passage Dungeon
  2. Terathan Keep Dungeon
  3. Fire Dungeon
  4. Ice Dungeon
Hot Spots (Red)
  1. Ophidian Lair
  2. Terathan Keep
  3. Orc Fort
  4. City of the Dead (Liches, Ghouls and Skeletons, Bone Knights, Bone Magi)
  5. The Ruins (Skeletons, Wraiths, Spectres, Ghouls)
  6. Cyclops Valley (Titans, Cyclopses), can be reached by boat, recall, gate and teleport (from the south)
Entrances (Green)
  1. North-West of Wrong via Ice Dungeon to the Ice Area
  2. Yew Prison via secret doors to the Lighthouse
  3. Serpent’s Hold via Fire Dungeon to the Desert Area
  4. Marble Building to Cave West of Terathan Keep
  5. Moonglow Mage Shop1 to Papua Mage Shop1
  6. Britain via Britain Sewers to Swamp area East of Papua
  7. Vesper Cemetary to Cemetary South of Papua
  8. Cave North of Minoc to Far East of Delucia, South-East of Papua
  9. Cave Southwest of Trinsic to Delucia and Cave behind City of the Dead
  10. Temple Isle South of Trinsic to Temple in the South, East of Delucia
  11. Britannian Serpent Pillars2 in the Sea to Lost Lands Serpent Pillars2 in the sea
1To use the teleporter between Moonglow and and Papua you have to say the ‘magic word’. To travel from Moonglow to Papua say “recdu”, to travel from Papua to Moonglow say “recsu”. 

2To use the serpent pillars you also have to say the ‘magic word’. To travel from Britannia to the Lost Lands say “doracron”, to travel from the Lost Lands to Britannia say “sueacron”.

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