Malas Secret Locations

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Secret Malas Locations; by Anev

Throughout Malas there are eight locations that can only be reached by using a specially marked rune. You have to gather these special runes by dropping any rune in to either a special pouch or bone container, which are all hidden around Malas. These pouches and the bone container are all placed around the mystical lands of Malas (actually there are nine containers but only eight locations, the last doesn’t seem to work … perhaps no one has figured it out yet). Once you find one of these containers take any rune, either marked or not, and drop it in the pouch or bone container. These small containers then will magically mark the rune for you and once you retrieve it, you can then recall or gate to these secret places. No vile critters seem to stock these sealed off locations but that isn’t always true of the magical pouches, which usually have something around them making your task a bit harder.

When searching for the pouch locations, you will need to make sure you have your “Circle of Transparency” turned on (click on Options then click on the UO Logo. Click the check box next to “Use circle of transparency” and then “Set radius of transparency circle” to 90 or better).

You can drop multiple runes in the containers and they will all be marked for you. Keep in mind that they mark to the exact same place so if your making runebooks it might get frustrating for those using the runes and runebooks since they will have to wait for someone to move. If you run in to a locked pouch, simply use magic Unlock and you can then use the pouch to mark you a rune.

Location #1:
Pouch: 130o 15’N 20o 31’E
Destination: 27o 20’N 7o 39’W
Southwest of the small mountain opposite the Northern Crags, located just behind a tree … you’ll find this small pouch. Be careful and make sure you watch out for Crystal Elementals that wander this area. Once marked, the rune will take you to the northeast side of the Broken Mountains near the large abandoned orc fort.
Location #2:
Pouch: 114o 20’N 59o 58’E
Destination: 127o 37’N 160o 14’E
Just a tad bit west of Grimswind Ruins you’ll find the secret pouch stashed away in the trees. Be careful of the wandering Flesh Golems who tend to get very angry with those wandering in their area. This run will take you to a small floating island north of the Northern Crags and not far from where you got the rune for the first location!
Location #3:
Pouch: 125o 51’N 28o 45’W
Destination: 49o 23’N 21o 22’W
Inside the small orc fort north of Luna just lying on the ground is yet another mysterious pouch. However, this orc fort is not abandoned and its protectors don’t take kindly to strangers. Be careful of them and watch out for the mage who hides inside! Once you manage to get away with the rune, it will take you to the northern tip of the Broken Mountains.
Location #4:
Pouch: 71o 22’N 32o 20’W
Destination: 40o 41’N 18o 25’W
Just West of the large marble bridge leading to Luna on the northern edge of the Crumbling Continent. You’ll find a large white tree with various daemon skulls lying about. The rune marked by this pouch will take you high up atop the western ridge of the Broken Mountains.
Location #5:
Pouch: 16o 41’N 19o 7’W
Destination: 33o 23’N 17o 22’W
Just inside Hanse’s Hostel, as you travel the road from Luna to Umbra, you will find friendly staff waiting to greet you and behind the bar, sitting on the floor, is yet another mysterious pouch. The markings on this rune will take you to the edge of the northern Broken Mountains, not far from the Hostel if you could climb mountains this high!
Location #6:
Pouch: 96o 46’N 0o 12’E
Destination: 6o 9’N 8o 34’W
Not far from Luna, as you travel east, you will find an out stretch of the Northern Crags. As you get closure to the edge of the mountain you will find a small patch of crystal fen plants that are almost touching the mountainside. The rune from this location will take you the farthest southern edge of the Broken Mountains.
Location #7:
Pouch: 94o 44’N 26o 9’W
Destination: 55o 22’N 22o 17’W
This pouch is hidden away inside the battlements that surround Luna. Once inside the battlements (no easy task with all the bright walls and people wandering about) on the southern most corner of these high walls, take the stairs down to the store room on the bottom floor where you will find a pouch sitting on the floor near the southern wall. Markings on this rune take you to a very tiny, yet charming, mountain clearing at the tip of the Broken Mountains.
Location #8:
Bone Container: 126o 12’N 63’o 8’W
Destination: 10o 48’N 71o 0’E
For this location, you will have to travel in to Doom! Beware of the various critters that lurk in Doom, on a good day, this place can be churning out evil faster than you can cast invis! Go in to the large area where Victoria the Sorceress resides. Up near the northern wall by a tall candelabra is a black bone container which works just like the pouches in other locations. This rune will take you high atop the Dry Highlands mountain range in the Eastern corner of Malas.
Location #9:
Pouch: 44o 49’N 0o 46’W
Destination: 33o 29’N 48o 47’E ????
Just north of the abandoned Orc Fort not far from the Broken Mountains up in a small forest area you’ll find the home of some fairies. For those with bad karma, be weary of these gentle creatures, as they can get rather mean. It seems the fairies won’t reveal any clues on this secluded pouch; they have even made sure that this pouch is hard to get too. You will need to teleport in to the small clump of trees protecting it. However, after getting the rune you will find it doesn’t lead anywhere. Dropping the rune in a runebook seems to show you some location outside Umbra but why such a secret over this and why won’t the rune work when you try to use it?

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  1. Victim Of Siege says:

    Spot number 9 does work, you have to be standing outside the clump of trees, and sort of north and west of the bag. it leads to the snowy pocket that you can see near the NE corner of Luna


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