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Cemeteries of Britannia

Cemeteries of Britannia, by Twilo Thunder; edited by Xena Dragon
Welcome to the Undead Slayer Guide to the Cemeteries and Undead locations of Britannia. I am Twilo Thunder; I specialize in making sure the rotting undead return to where they came from whenever possible.This guide is meant for players who may have trained in graveyards before but are relatively new to UO. It contains locations and in-depth guides to the undead, and tactics to fight them for mages and warriors alike. Before the main content of the guide I have provided a few little nuggets of information. Have a read and let me know what you think. Anything I may have got very wrong feel free to email me and I will update or change it :)

It has not been a good year for cemeteries as yet. The spawn has slowed down to a trickle on all of the major graveyards, forcing us warrior types to go to the dueling pit in Jhelom for a bit of fun. This should be resolved with a new patch however.

Note : Contrary to the statement made here earlier; spawned reagents lying on the ground have no effect on the monster spawn at all. If you see some Spider’s Silk spawning then you can safely pick it up without disturbing the spawn.

Cemetaries of Britannia
City Location Monsters Usual Spawn Rate Entrance Coordinates
Jhelom Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres, Shades and Wraiths Medium UOAM: 1299 3721
175o 42′ N – 1o 41′ W
Nujel’m none Non-existent UOAM: 3537 1154
41o 18′ N – 155o 40′ E
Vesper Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres and Wraiths Low UOAM: 2786 867
66o 31′ N – 102o 52′ E
Britain Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres and Wraiths Low UOAM: 1369 1481
12o 34′ N – 3o 14′ E
Yew Skeletons Medium UOAM: 724 1138
42o 42′ N – 42o 7′ W
Cove Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres, Shades, Wraiths and Liches Heavy UOAM: 2441 1123
44o 1′ N – 78o 36′ E
Moonglow Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres, Shades, Wraiths and Liches* Heavy UOAM: 4545 1338
25o 8′ N – 133o 28′ W
*Moonglow Liches only spawn on Felucca, except on Great Lakes where they spawn on both facets.



The capital of Britannia should be expected to have a good place for new players to train. There are such places there, but the graveyard isn’t one of them. The spawn is very slow, a couple of skeletons or zombies every few minutes. This also isn’t helped by the hordes of people (often new players looking for training) that do tend to hog spawn and generally cut in on you while you’re dropping a spectre or zombie. If there was an absence of people and some supercharged silk this graveyard would be a great place to slay, for the layout is very well designed. A dirt path from the entrance leads up to 2 side-by-side monuments, a frequent zombie spawn. To the north section lies several small buildings, although sadly nothing ever seems to spawn in them. This graveyard is worth stopping off at during your travels, but only for the experience. Don’t expect to actually kill anything unless you are really determined

Cove Graveyard is situated to the East of the small town of Cove, just off the road from Britain to Vesper. It is usually occupied by the average large spawn of the weaker undead such as zombies and skeletons, and tougher undead such as spectres and wraiths. The main reason that the graveyard is so popular however, is the frequent lich spawns. Ever since OSI stopped the regular lich spawns at Moonglow graveyard, Cove has been the only place outside a dungeon where the brave adventurer can take on a lich (even though they only spawn one at a time). So I rate this graveyard as the hardest one there is in Britannia, and is a good learning spot before taking on the ghastly horrors of the lower levels of Deceit. Click to enlarge
This shot from Cove Graveyard was really hard to get :) The Lich and his squad. (Click to enlarge)

Single-Handedly beating up Jhelom Cemetery. Note that the enemies generally fell where they spawned, to get some idea of the spawn locations. (Also note the lack of Spiders Silk, this is a just during a slow spawn period).
This graveyard is an ok place to get started, although the translucent spectres and shades do tend to make the real newbie run when the barrage of stat altering spells hits them. This graveyard is geographically small, with a few buildings around the outside and one in the middle. A note here, some of the spawn that should appear IN the central building often spawns on the roof, deliberately or otherwise I do not know. This means that these creatures can’t attack you down on the ground, but they also cannot be harmed even by ranged attacks. Be wary when dismounting from your pet as they may run up to the building and attack the creatures, and therefore be too occupied for you to remount them (you will get the message “You can’t mount a pet thats fighting” or something along those lines). The silk is often intact as there is not much chance that a new player would be starting in Jhelom, and it is regarded as a more experienced graveyard.
As for the fame and karma titles available there, I managed to get to Admirable just fighting the translucent spectres and shades that reside here, even though the spectre spawn is nowhere near as fast as the skeletons. When the spawn does slow down (and it will) or other fighters arrive there, take a trip to the Jhelom Dueling Pit :)



Situated South a fair way from the city gates, lies another very popular graveyard; Moonglow. Although the spawn is good and is a good place to start out (no liches anymore due to spawn changes) it does tend to get very busy with training mages and people who could handle much tougher enemies. The graveyard here is thought of as a place where there are always mages willing to heal you, so my favorite thing to do is run in there and attract as much attention and enemies as possible. Beware though as everyone else is trying to do this as well :). Sometimes the best option is to attack enemies that are surrounding someone, but ask first of course. Generally it is a nice place to train and fight, and money is not hard to collect here. I have made around 6k per hour fighting the translucent spectres and shades, and from looting unwanted kills from other people (when I was younger of course). A bad point though is some of the mages more advanced spellcasting. They hide behind the fence out of the reach of melee undead and cast energy vortexes, blade spirits and summon deamons. They tend to hog the spawn, but since the last time I’m not the kind of person that’s going to argue with them :)


Nujelm is a very strange graveyard. I swear I used to come here as a Young and fight the skeletons. I have tended to ignore it as a graveyard recently due to a bug in my city runebook, so I am definitely not an expert. If you know something important about the future or past of Nujelm please contact me using my ICQ number at the bottom of the page.


Nicely concealed in the woods around Vesper lies the graveyard. Despite first impressions of the huge animal spawn, this place is nice to train if it is not too crowded. There are several buildings here that suffer from the same bug as Jhelom in the way that monsters spawn on the roofs. In the building to the south east of the centre there is a passage to the Lost Lands (via Delucia I believe) with a nicely decorated subterranean room. If only the powers that be had spent as much time decorating Jhelom or Yew :). Expect to see the odd skeleton, zombie and occasional spectre/shade. Money is hard to make here due to the crowdedness (other fighters and animals) and slow spawn, so I wouldn’t really recommend it unless to a very young player who wants to fight something different from skeletons in Yew.

Yew is the ideal place for training weapon skills from 0 to around 50. I have trained new characters very easily here as there is a steady spawn of skeletons only (no magic enemies). As for the type of adventurer you are likely to run into, the nearby forest town of Stonekeep regularly trains its new fighters here. Mages are quite rare for obvious reasons, they tend to go towards Deceit or The City of the Dead if they choose to fight the decaying. The graveyard is situated east of the Healers and the bowmakers.
All is quiet in the central building of Yew Graveyard


Undead Creatures of Britannia’s Cemeteries, by Twilo Thunder; edited by Xena Dragon
The Skeleton

The skeleton is the most common form of life (or afterlife?) that is likely to befowl the graveyards around the world. They spawn at a very fast rate in most places, and provide extremely little challenge to the Platemail clad warrior. The loot on them is fairly poor because of their extreme vulnerability, usually only about 20 gold coins and occasionally a piece of Bone armour (very strong armour that is unrepairable and reduces dexterity heavily).
These are the undead fodder, sent out to surround a silver sword wielding warrior while a lich closes in with some nasty spells. Every army has an infantry section, this is the undead version.

The Zombie

Rotting dead bodies with an uncanny knack of getting killed. They are even weaker than skeletons, a couple of firm whacks with a good silver sword is enough to drop them usually. They have around twice as much gold on them too, which can be usefull when fighting a couple of hundred of them.

There isn’t much to say about tactics for fighting zombies and skeletons, except watch out for large groups of them if you are a very new player with no combat skills.

Spectres, Wraiths and Shades (Non-Translucent types)

Contrary to popular belief the Spectres, Wraiths and Shades come in two varities, Translucent and Non-Translucent. This type, the Non-Translucent version, is much weaker and has no ability to throw any form of magic spells at you. The loot is usually around 30 gold, a standard weapon of some sort and a piece of food. This is quite variable though as I have found 20 gold and a couple of useless items many times.

They are about as tough as a couple of zombies and you are able to gain some fame and karma from them up to about Upstanding or Kind.

Spectres, Wraiths and Shades (Translucent types)

These lot are a little toughter than the above types. They shower their opponent with a selection of stat-reducing spells, and a quite powerful melee attack. Even with 50% magic resistance I find my Excorcist character being zapped by their stat spells reguarly.

I worked out while fighting a large amount of these undead in the Yew Crypts that they are probably more profitable than killing Bone Knights im the BK Room (Deceit). By the time you’ve even got contact with a Bone Knight you could have killed and looted about 5 translucents. The loot is 5 of any reagent, around 100 gold, sometimes a magic cloak and other items. Luckily Ginseng and Garlic seem to be popular as loot and I have amassed a nice reagent stash, and around 10k per hour just looting translucents.

Tactics for killing them would probably be Walls of Fire against the fence for mages, a silver sword as well for warlocks, and for pure warriors (such as my Excorcist) I would only recommend a lot of Dexterity, a silver weapon (my primary weapon is a silver katana of ruin, It doesn’t have to be an expensive one) and a big pile of bandages.

The Lich

Liches are much more intelligent than your average graveyard fodder, as they are the reanimated version of a powerful sorcerer. For example it is easy to line up weaker undead against a fence and cast offensive spells. This is not a good idea when a lich is present, as he has the same ranged attacks as a very strong mage and WILL walk around, out of the gate and track you down if you run.

The first time I took on a lich (in Cove Cemetery) he proceeded to chase me into the large housing area outside of Cove (very laggy) where he poisoned me. He then waited until I had been lowered to enough health to need to cure myself, then while I cured he cast a barrage of explosions and a Curse to mess up my stats. This is a well-known PvP tactic, so it is quite possible that OSI have increased the AI of these creatures recently. I compare fighting a lich as fighting a powerful mage with a large mana pool. They move slowly luckily but have deadly range.

For a beginner I wouldn’t recommend Cove graveyard, as the chances of having a lich spawn next to you are relatively high. As a newbie I never brought any cure potions with me, and died frequently because of it :)

Note! : Luckily no spawn in the graveyards except the lich can poison you. This is good, and is very different from hard places such as the City of the Dead where you have to unequip your sheild or two-handed weapon to gulp down a cure.

Another Note! : Keep a Greater Heal / Heal potion at hand for emergencies as it is possible to be totally surrounded by undead, making healing with bandages very hard at low levels. In Felucca getting surrounded is one of my worse fears and I would recommend a Total Refresh (Red) potion when being battered by strong undead.

I hope this guide has provided some useful information to all types of player that should want to slay undead in the cemetaries as an alternative to the other undead spots of Britannia such as Deceit or the City of the Dead. I have deliberately left out some spots (not graveyards) that I find fun to hunt undead, as you can understand I do not wish for these places to become overcrowded. If one does wish to follow the path of few and become a specialist in the field of Excorcism feel free to contact me for any information you should require. Have fun protecting the living from the inhuman scourge of the reanimate. :)
Twilo Thunder, Grandmaster Warrior of Europa
[The Sacred Excorcist, ExC]
ICQ : 95744224

Last modified: March 29, 2011

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