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Ilshenar Interactive Map



moongate Moongate.  Ilshenar moongates are accompanied by a shrine except in the case of Chaos Gate

shrine Shrine


tunnelTunnel to Central Ilshenar

camp Permanent Gypsy Camp

camptTemporary Gypsy Camp

rezpoint Resurrection Point

champChampion Spawn Location


To avoid confusion the shrines that are with the moongates have not been marked.

The grey background caravan icon marks camp sites where gypsies may occasionally be found.  It is usual, though not certain, that three or four of these sites are occupied at any one time.

Resurection points other than ankhs include:

  • Three healer’s huts,
  • A red flowstone surrounded by runes of power,
  • The Fountain of Life,
  • Healer Grove
  • The Shrine of the Virtues
  • The Tree of Life

Last modified: September 4, 2014

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