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A Glossary of People, Places, and Things Within The Juka Lore

A hardened people, the Juka are described as a forged race, a designed race, and ultimately a slave race. They are strong, proud, long faced, hard skilled, and stoutly framed. They are tireless workers and tireless soldiers. Tattoos and ritual scarring are used to differentiate their various lots in life. From all description, they seem to exist in a future world of Britannia, one that has become industrialized to the point that nature is all but extinct.




Kumar (KOO-mahr) – Of Shire Athul, under Citadel Britain. A warrior representing his region in the Juka rebellion against the Overlords. Has a past with the Janissars, but at this time it is unclear what happened. The lead character of the Jukan Prequel Lore.

Narah (NAH-rah)– Of Shire Kubaron, under Citadel Vesper. A warrior representing her region in the Juka rebellion against the Overlords. Red hair.

Obden (OB-den)– Of Shire Fusil, under Citadel Yew. She organized the smiths to capture the roving foundry the would be the meeting place of the first Juka Revolutionary Summit.

Rabak (rah-BAHK)– Of Shire Galvan, under Citadel Moonglow. A healer representing his region in the Juka rebellion against the Overlords. Nearly killed during the Revolutionary Summit by loyalist guards.

Turlogan (ter-LOW-gen)– Of Shire Cetyl, under Citadel Trinsic. Called a champion pit fighter, though it is unclear what or where the “pits” are.

Darhim (DAHR-heem)– Of Shire Crucivar, under Citadel Jhelom. A priest of legendary proportions. Also an Alchemist.

Warlord Kabur (kah-BOOR)– The Noble Leader of the Jukan Clans, based out of the free city of Garron. One of their mightiest warriors.

Captain Jamark (jah-MARK)– A Janissar, Kumar’s former commander, and secretly involved in the reballion.

General Tallan (TAL-un)– A Janissar leader. Bald, hard-boned, solid as stone.

Great Mother– Seems to be a god that the rebel Jukans worship. “To you we owe the blessings of life and glory…It is in your name we fight.”

Overlords– Rulers over the Jukay, very little is known of who OR what the Overlords are. Some myths even point to the idea that they may just be machines pretending to be alive. But most believe they are living beings of flesh and bone. They are mysterious, unseen, and incalculably powerful. They are also masters of technology and alchemical magic. Later we find out from first-hand experience with the rebels that The Overlords and their mechanical dens are indistinguishable from each other. They are sentient catacombs; entombed gods.

Prime Overlord– Leader of the Overlords. Located in Citadel Moonglow. It’s mouthpiece is described as: “The thing suggested a misshapen globe or ovoid of armor plates. Its circumference was half split by a horizontal cleft, which opened and shut like some grotesque mouth…On the back of the thing were two large flapping extensions, though he could not discern whether they were leathery bellows or undersized wings.” Of the Prime Overlord itself, it is described as “The organic creature this once had been was bloated and oversized, twice that of any Juka, though Kumar guessed the thing had never breathed with Jukan lungs. It was a monstrosity from an elder race.”

Exodus– Little is known about its involvement in Juka Lore, but this entity was the prime enemy in Ultima 3 (the series). It is known though that it is a machine and not a living being. As described upon Kumar’s first encounter with it, “The device was huge. It nearly filled the breadth of the vast floor and continued down to unknown depths. Most of it appeared to be a massive, tangled network of thick glass pipes and globes, supported by a coppery scaffold; though its fleeting, inscrutable internal movements suggested unguessed layers of complexity. It flashed and glowed in a thousand places, in the cadence of a distant thunderstorm. Darkness trickled throughout its workings. Its countenance was furtive, mysterious.”




Ridgebacks– Very little information is given about these creatures, but they seem to be ridable animals, similar to the horses of humans.

Gargoyles– Apparantly the race used to engineer the Jukas from.

Juggernaut– These creatures appear to be almost like miniature tanks – “All Juggernauts had Jukan faces, locked in a dour, unresponsive expression. Most of them had arms, or metal appendages approximating arms. A few even had proper legs, though these were rare. More often they moved on wheels or propellers or hydraulic insect legs; or perhaps they interchanged mechanisms. Little was truly known about the Juggernauts, except that they obeyed the Overlords with animal loyalty and that, on the battlefield, they were the equal of entire platoons.”

Dreadnoughts– From the sounds of it, flying machines of war. “Dozens of Dreadnoughts soared above the melee, raking it with static bursts and torrents of missile fire.”

Maintenance Drones– “Attending the Juggernauts were swarms of maintenance drones, smaller counterparts to the half-living war machines, conscripted into the defense of the citadel.”

Behemoth– “Above them all towered the largest and most terrifying of the Overlords’ mechanized slaves. Only five Behemoths walked the burning plains. It was enough to harry rebel formations. They strode through enemy forces on steel legs hundreds of feet high, crushing troops and equipment under inconceivable weight. Each titan walked on four legs attached to a comparatively small body, with a fifth reared high in the air. Or perhaps it was better deemed a neck, for at its tip was a giant, spade-shaped weapon resembling a long, jagged muzzle. When a Behemoth struck, tons of steel bellowed in the motion.”



Shires– A Jukan Shire is a province surrounding a Citadel. When referring to a shire, you would say “Shire Fusil”. When mentioning a Jukan person, you would say “Narah of Shire Kubaron”.
Fusil (FEW-sil) of Yew
Kubaron (KOO-bahr-on) of Vesper
Athul (ah-THOOL) of Britain
Cetyl (SE-til) of Trinsic
Galvan (GAL-ven) of Moonglow
Crucivar (CREW-sih-vahr) of Jhelom

Citadels– These appear to be the power centers of the Overlords. Thus far we know of Yew, Britain, Vesper, Trinsic, Jhelom, and Moonglow. Several are overthrown by the Jukan Rebels, first Britain, then Yew, Trinsic, Jhelom and Vesper, with Moonglow being the location of the final battle.

Citadel Britain– A floating city, home to some of the Overlords, that is conquered by the Jukan Rebels and brought down to earth, forcing the Overlords to evacuate – “The fall of Citadel Britain marked the turning point of the Jukan Revolution. Collected rebel forces from Britain and Yew took control of the city and began to unlock its secrets.”

Citadel Moonglow– Home of the Prime Overlord. Location of the final confrontation between the Juan Rebels and the Overlords. “Veiled by a writhing thunderstorm, the glimmering shadow of the citadel stretched over the sky like a canopy of smoldering embers. Thousands of lamps twinkled across its hovering bulk. Anchored in a dozen places by tall, thin pillars, the city swayed uneasily in the embrace of angry winds.” And later from Ahriman – “After the Cataclysm, part of the Juka’s world had been fused with the world of the Britannians and the ancient Meer. The only citadel that made the transition and escaped destruction was the Prime Overlord’s Citadel of Moonglow. The floating city was still in the control of the Prime Overlord and the loyalist Janissars, however, and proved to be fairly impenetrable.” Later renamed Logos (see below).

Logos (low-GOS) – From Ahriman – “Blackthorn renamed the city [Citadel Moonglow] Logos (the first word spoken by the Prime Overlord to the newly conscious Britannian just prior to beginning its recitation of the rational principles of The Machine) and dedicated himself to spreading the ‘enlightenment of the mechanical.’ All the technology that has spread through the world has done so because of the Technocrat Orders and Blackthorn’s crusade. Once it had finished instructing the Techno-Prophet, the Prime Overlord disappeared for almost 200 years, but eventually resurfaced to try and take control of Logos. But that is another story…”

Logosia (low-GO-sheah) – Within the time period that Origin takes place in, this is considered to be the future Technocrat land of the Juka.

Jukaran (JEW-kah-ron) – The term used by the free Juka of Garron to describe their homeland (as opposed to Logosia).

Garron (GAHR-on) – Within the time period that Origin takes place in, this is a city found in the Jukan lands of Logosia. From Ahriman – “The Jukan heroes, Kumar and Narah, led the remaining rebels away from the citadel and into the wilderness where they eventually founded Garron.”

Britannia Desert – “Talons of lightning struck the parched ground, churning up stones and debris. The air was an opaque veil of sand. The crimson dust stung all it touched, gnawing the landscape into blurs of scarlet-grey amid the endless, erosive squall.”




TECHNOCRATS – Led by the Techno-Prophet, Blackthorn. Instigators of war against both Britannia and the Meer Lands. Based out of Logos. From Ahriman – “On Britannia, Blackthorn’s forces, led by Exedur, fled with Blackthorn’s badly damaged body from their familiar shores, eventually discovering the land of Logosia (as it would come to be called). They were found by a Janissar patrol, which brought them before the Prime Overlord. The Britannians were amazed by the wonders of the floating citadel. Exedur was given a vision of the destiny Blackthorn would play in this new world and ordered that his master be handed over to the god-like creature. The Prime Overlord, sensing a kindred spirit in the dying Blackthorn (someone familiar, perhaps?) transformed him into a fellow immortal, the Techno-Prophet, and introduced his followers to the principles of The Machine. Thus, the Technocrats were born.”

LOYALISTS– Those Juka that are loyal to protecting and supporting the Overlords and Technocrats.

JANISSAR (JAN-e-sahr)– The most elite of the Loyalists to the Overlords and Technocrats. Differentiated from other Juka’s by elaborate tattoos on their arms. They also seem to be leaders in the loyalist military.

THE REBELS – Founders of the free city of Garron. Those that fought against the oppression of the Overlords, the original Rebels include Kumar and Narah. Within the current timeframe, the champion Warlord Kabur is their leader.

THE LECTORS – The Lectors are the heads of the Technocrat Orders (Mathematicians, Engineers, and Theorists) who serve Blackthorn in Logos. Mostly they’ve been human, although one or two have been Juka. At any given time, one of the three will serve as Blackthorn’s Chosen – the “mouthpiece” of the Techno-Prophet, essentially, and the de factor ruler of Logos (since Blackthorn can occasionally be “inaccessible” due to his mental state).

THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE WAY – The Jukan Warrior Code. See the extensive article on this subject HERE.

THE MACHINE – The Technocrat Code. See the extensive article on this subject HERE.



‘The Hand of Honor’– Name given to the revolt leaders by the rebels of Citadel Britain.

Trident– A pneumatic weapon, meaning that it has devices attached to it that work with the use of air and gases. Considered a polearm, this weapon has the ability to suddenly extend an additional 2 feet, allowing for excellent piercing.

Pendulum Hammer– A multi-use weapon. In all appearances a regular hammer, except that when in need, an additional second hammer head attached to the tip by a spring-mounted rod can be used. It functions similar to a flail when active. Very long, to the point that it is considered a polearm rather than a mace weapon.

Blunderbuss – A weapon shaped like a wide-mouthed horn. Shoots out a ferocious blast that sprays knife-sharp fragments.

Spring Sap– A strange contraption consisting of coils and gears. Used to dig holes in walls with its beaklike jaws.

Gauntlets– Used as weapons by having long spikes festooning across the knuckles.

Trebuchet (treb-yoo-shet) – Another pneumatic weapon. An engine of war used for hurling large stones.

Short Sword– Not your usual sword. These are double bladed, curved, and very toothy.

Roving Foundry– A mobile factory built on enormous tracks. Its purpose is to forge repairs along its route, where needed.

Airships– Flying machines of great mass. From all description, they seem to have the appearance of a regular boat with windmill sails, but aside from the sails they are made of armored plates.

Core Siphon– A giant stiletto jabbed through the shell of the earth. Used to convert molten lava into an energy source, the remnants of which cause pollution throughout the Britannia Desert.

Bolt Thrower– Spring-loaded weapons used to launch an attack with spears.

Flying Skiff– A mode of transportation for small groups. Resembles the cabin of a large carriage, borne in the grip of a gigantic wooden insect. Riveted tanks of fluid levitant hold it aloft.

Healing Draught– An alchemic potion used to heal wounds.

Flame Belcher– An Overlord-designed artillery weapon. Little detail is given in the Prequel Lore, but the weapon is mentioned as one that will carry over into the game itself.

Gas Thrower– Mentioned as an Overlord-designed artillery weapon, but little other information is given.

Spark Stones– Apparently missile weapons. “Missiles and spark stones rained down from the citadel.”

Kinetic Maul– Weapon used by Turlogan. Not a lot of detail on what it does yet.

Static Greatsword– Weapon of choice for Kumar. Powers not known.

Static Scourge– A whip-like mechanical weapon with a hand crank and a spark chamber.

Angular Swords– Ability to wield two at once, as Narah does in an attack on a Behemoth. Powers not known.

Gyrofoils– “Juka-manned pods, held aloft by levitant tanks and propelled by large, vertical wheels that stroked the air as a paddle strokes water…They buzzed the rebel hosts and raked them at short range with bolts of static charge.” Used in conjunction with Behemoths.

Spark Lantern– “Turlogan struck the lantern’s ignition. A pale glow leapt from the bright, buzzing arc.”

Sanguination– Ritual used to pray to the Great Mother. Involves a blood oath. “They say prayers at Sanguination always come true.”

Potion of Capacitance– A potion, when coated on a weapon, capable of burning through solid iron.

Thralling Potion– Controls the mind of the person ingesting this potion.

Levitant– Fuel used to run several types of machines, including airships.

Levitant Ore– When refined, can be used to create Levitant.

Pneumatic Armor – Gives protection twice than that of ordinary mail and also gives the wearer extra Strength.

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