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Wind (Abode of Immortals, the Lost City of Samlethe)

“Wind was ancient when Mondain fell… Wind was venerable when Cantabrigian came from the other world… Wind was old when the Esidin empire crumbled into myth…”

Location: North Central Britannia, north of Britain, West of Minoc, East of Yew.

Virtue: None

Government: Oligarchy/Republic, unknown caste/family lines may figure into ruling class.

Imports: None

Exports: None


A silver star upon a black background.


Wind is a subterranean city, located almost entirely underground, high in the Serpent’s Spine. It lies in a large spur of the chain known as the Iron Spur, named for the large amounts of iron that were once extracted from the region. On the west side of the spur is a very narrow valley, known as the Smokepipe, and a smaller spur known as the Scale.

South of Wind, which is only accessible by a large twisting number of mountain trails, is a small depression in the mountains known


The only source of history about Wind is kept by Wind itself, and so not everyone trusts or believes it. Most of it has been twisted into myths and fairy tales anyway, and as a result nobody really believes more than a few solid facts that may be about. Still, a general view can be constructed from it.

Long ago, there was a great empire on the world that would become known as Sosaria, which is known only as the Esidin Imperium. Almost no physical remnants of this culture exist today. The Esidin seemed to value knowledge above most other philosophies, and constructed shrines to the ideal, it is rumored that a lost continent, known as Ambrosia, was colonized by them. A form of cult based around the worship of knowledge, the Ancient Liturgy of Truth, endured into the modern era, fading into obscurity only after the Cataclysm. Wind’s connection to the empire is unknown, it is believed that it may have been founded by dissidents from the empire, or may have just been a more isolated community of it.

Whatever the case, the empire began to decline, and eventually collapsed, becoming nearly forgotten for many centuries. It is believed that Wind had a part somehow in the destruction of the Empire, but it is not known how or what, if it was deliberate action or merely a lack of it. Whatever the case, Wind went into an isolation period, and simply faded from view for many centuries, even as new cultures appeared, unaware of their existence.

When the Shattering, and the subsequent Cataclysm, occurred the land twisted and crushed together where Wind had lain for so long, but Wind itself was more than adequately defended, it’s magical wards keeping the titanic forces at bay.

The enormous feedback, though, caused enormous amounts of raw ether to pour down into the forming valley, which became known as Samlethe. As a result the region is well known for it’s twisted creatures, wild magic, and strange events. The residents of Wind have seemingly taken responsibility for this occurrence, they routinely send out patrols to ensure that the tribes in the region have adequate food and water available to survive. This action, for whatever intention, is partially the reason for the city’s rediscovery, they have become more visible than they ever were for many centuries. In recent years the conditions in Samlethe have stabilized somewhat, leading to the retreat of the native tribes and the expansion of many brigands into the region. Whether this is a natural declination of the built up ether or simply the lull period of a cycle is not known.

Wind tends to disturb, frighten, or interest Britannians, sometimes all three. It is the equivalent of Atlantis, a long lost place that may or may have not existed, suddenly reappearing in your back yard. Their isolation, great power, and inscrutable methods and designs make many wonder what they will do, especially if the rumors that they are dying are true.


The People

The people of Wind are pale of skin, long years underground have taken anything resembling a tan from them, visitors have remarked that their skin is like luminescent ivory. Hair color is slightly more varied, but light hues are uncommon, most have dark tones.

The population is also, one and all, born a fully capable mage, lacking only training. However, as the centuries have worn on, their numbers have dwindled slowly, a child is born in Wind perhaps every decade at the most now. Some have speculated that they are born sick as well, and require much care and treatment to survive to maturity, but if that is so, the residents speak not of it. All citizens also show great longevity, capable of living many centuries, no one knows who is the oldest citizen of Wind, or how old he or she is.

As a rule, all visitors usually see are the Caretaker class, who fulfills the middle-class roles necessary in a society. The Mage class, consisting of those belonging to the Disciplines, and the Colloquium itself, avoid visitors, and remain hidden under all but the most dire of circumstances.

The Clothing

Arts and Entertainment

Crafts and Trades



Government and Politics

The highest level of the government in Wind is the Colloquium, a large body of mages made up of the supreme mages of all the magical orders of discipline. All are aged and venerable men and women who have seen the passing of many centuries, all but a few do not have living memory of Mondain’s defeat. Decisions are easily made, and rarely debated long, as all the members have had centuries to learn one another’s behaviors and mannerisms.

Below the Colloquium are the Disciplines, the name given to the numerous orders of Mages. The head of each Discipline sits on the Colloquium, establishing balance. Each Discipline tends to follow one ethos stringently. How many there are is not known, nor is their numbers, none of them seem particularly interested in competition with one another.

Wind is a fairly small and isolated community, many of the problems that exist in other cities simply don’t apply here. Smaller local government is almost unnecessary as most of the residents can settle matters themselves without the need for any form of police force. Visitors who make trouble, though, will find no friends in Wind, although the worst punishment known seems to be banishment to the outside.


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