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Ocllo (The Huansuytin, City of Enigmas)

“Who are they? Where did they come from? And what do they want?”

Location: Temperate island south of Magincia, roughly shaped like a donut, with a narrow channel at the southwestern area connecting the inland lake and the ocean.

Virtue: None

Government: The Anpana caste.

Imports: None

Exports: None


A golden fist upon a light blue background


Ocllo is the name of the city, culture, and the large island they inhabit. The island consists of large but low rolling hills, punctuated by small forests and clearings. In the center of the island a large salt lake known as <name> lies, a large seemingly artificially dug channel connecting it to the outer sea. Ocllo has many unusual flora and fauna that cannot be found elsewhere.


Ocllo is unusual that the island, despite being in a tropical zone, has temperate weather. The island is moist and warm all year, and never experiences heavy winters.


After the Cataclysm had subsided, Huansuytin (As the Oclloans call their island) was not the same place it is today. The island was a great rock in the sea, high impassable chains of mountains surrounded the inner valleys. The people of the region eked out meager livings trying to farm the rocky soil, and fighting off the mountain tribes that threatened their existence. (When exactly they came to the island and how is unknown, some extremely old tales speak of dark tunnels and great caverns that were traversed, before coming to the island.)

Then, according to legend, a great fist punched through the mountain chains, digging a great furrow into the center of the island, allowing the center of the island to fill with salt water. Then the hand opened, releasing the arpana, the divine ones, from which the noblest castes of Oclloan castes are descended.

Not even the Oclloans are sure exactly when their people settled the region, their early years were not marked with accurate dating, and reconciling the dates has proven a frustrating task for contemporary historians. According to the Oclloans, a great fist burst from


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