Followers of the Armageddon

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Biography : Followers of the Armageddon (group)
(Previously known as the Zog Cabal)
All member of this group should be considered extremely dangerous.
Any information on the group or any of their member will be rewarded by the King.

In the history of the Ultima serie, Zog exchanged information with the Wisps and acquired the spell Armaggedon. Too curious for his own good, Zog casts the spell and all life is destroyed on Sosaria. Many centuries later, when life returns, Zog’s fossils are unearthed and are recognized as the oldest fossils in the realm.

The introduction of the Followers of Armageddon to Ultima Online is not a good sign indeed. Already, this mysterious group has struck fear into the heart of Britannians with the brutal murder of trainer Hartham. They took responsability for this at Hartham’s eulogy, where a member of the group appeared and spoke the following words:

“All of your heroes, all of your institutions, all of your ORDER
will FALL to US.
WE are the ZOG CABAL.

Since that day, the threat of the Followers of Armageddon raised at an alarming rate. Their plan is quite simple: Britannia is soiled, they will cleanse it. It appears they have recovered the knowledge of the Armageddon spell, and intend to cast it. Despite Sage Winslow‘s denial of their existance, the Followers of Armageddon is not a children’s tale. They attempted one casting already, which fortunately failed. It resulted in the opening of tunnels and gateways to what seems to be a new world (Note: The introduction of the new lands available in UO: The 2nd Age expansion). The evil of the FOA is so vast that they were believed to be associated, at one point with another, to all the other scourges of the land (Juo’Nar, Lathiari and Kyrnia, and the troll brothers, G’Thunk and G’Splat). But even after the defeat of all of those, the FOA was still running strong. They are also credited with the theft of the Relics of Mondain, and repeated attacks on Crawworth and Sage Winslow.

Members of the cult were identified shortly after the failed casting, as they travalled Britannia in an attempt to find blackrock, apparently a reagent necessary to the casting of Armageddon. The crown reacted swiftly by declaring traitors all members and any who helps them, and offering considerable bounties on their heads and rewards for any information. In the mad manhunt the followed, many Followers were killed or captured. Although some of them escaped during their transfer to the prison of Yew, they were defeated when they summoned the black wisps from pentagrams they had crafted. It was also around this time that the truth about Sage Winslow was discovered: The real Winslow had been murdered many months ago, and the one posing as him was in fact the leader of the Followers.

After all these abominations were delt with, and with the virtuous lead of Halston Montil, the downfall of the Followers came quickly, up to the point of the capture of their Leader in Dungeon Shame. Today once again Britannians can sleep well, the world is not about to end (well, not because of the Followers anyways).

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