Legends Olympics Day 6

September 06, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

I would like to thank EM Helios and everyone who participated in the events for the 2012 Legends Olympics.  Here is a quick wrap up on the medalists for the final day.


G – DevilsOwn

S – Stoned McNuge

B – Undead Costume


G – Stoned McNuge

S – Undead Costume

B – DevilsOwn


G – Luxon Artison

S – Stoned McNuge

B – Garglethis


G – Stoned McNuge

S – Garglethis

B – Luxon Artison

Taming Race

G – Casper

S – Sunlaira

B – Hawk Eye

Horse Race

G – Promathia

S – Virem

B – Jhonny


G – Damia

S – Champion

B – Grabber Terra


G – Stoned McNuge

S – Raistlin

B – Momma McNuge

Fishing Event Weigh Ins

G – Miss Behavin

S – Kettie

S – Bearded McNuge

B – Jedidiah McNuge


Final Medal Count

Malas – G:9 S:7 B:4

Tokuno Islands – G:4 S:3 B:2

Trammel – G:1 S:3 B:7

Ter Mur – G:3 S:2 B:2

Felucca – G:2 S:3 B:2

A handful of medal winners did not declare a facet. 




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