Legends "Gold Diggers" Claim Treasure Hunt Championship

January 27, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Legends “Gold Diggers” Claim Treasure Hunt Championship

Kai Schober

27 Jan 2012 12:25:33 EST

   On Friday’s eve January 20th,  The Gold Diggers of Legends layed claim therein to the title and trophy of the cross shard treasure hunting championship; besting the Purple team and defending champions of Catskills. In a landslide victory the diggers won in grand fashion finishing well over ten minutes ahead of their rivals. With furious teamwork and precise tactics, the diggers took advantage of miscues and disconnects amongst their competitors en route to victory!
Team Catskills ever gracious in defeat, resolved to finish their maps to the applause of all in attendance. Finishing the competition, the former champions congratulated those newly crowned, and wished them well in their first defense. Team Purple also requested the honor of a rematch if Legends is fortunate to hold onto the title for the forseeable future.

   All in all the night was a grand event to behold, win lose or draw everyone had a great time showed impeccable sportsmanship and represented their shard with great honor and humility. Both Legends and Catskills should be quite honored to call each team their respective representative! The Diggers of Legends enjoy the moment for now, for they know stiff opposition is forthcoming. They welcome any who wish to step forward and challenge their swiftness and cunning and look forward to the opportunity to showcase their skills, their team, and their home shard.

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1 Comments to “Legends "Gold Diggers" Claim Treasure Hunt Championship”

  1. I believe that was Great Lakes, not Catskills that lost?