Legends Defeats Exodus Monster

June 24, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

The Gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg sacked!  Exodus minions wreaking havoc throughout the lands of Sosoria with reports of their presence going far beyond the Exodus Dungeon to places such as Luna.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  The brave Knight Dupre stepped forward and in a Call To Arms asked any and all brave souls to join him as he confronts this terror.  And in spectacular fashion warriors and healers from all ends of Sosoria answered Dupre’s call

 The march to Exodus wasn’t long before an Army of Exodus monsters crashed the party.  Dragons and Warriors to the front, Healers to the back!!  With a slow and steady push countless Exodus creatures fell as Dupre’s legion was determined to reach the dungeon.

Failure is not an option!  As the desert sands swirled amidst the battle the passage to Exodus grew closer with every sword swing.  They are no match for us, these machines that threaten our lands.  Now the battle has come to your front door!  Dupre’s legion swarmed the temple and soon entered the depths of Exodus.

“To the west”, cried Dupre as he urged his followers to sweep across the dungeon.  The Exodus army had all but been destroyed when Dupre began to reveal a hidden passage leading below the dungeon.

The darkness of the underground was not met with machines, it was met with walls.?!?  So down came the walls and with each successful breach another wall stood.  The walls were slowly smashed to the ground one by one and soon an intricate system of passages was revealed.  With no more machines and no more walls to knock down victory seemed imminent, well until……

……….he showed up.  I’d call him a boss of sorts, a boss who left anyone in his path flattened!  As panic engulfed Dupre’s unit the Exodus boss picked off victims as it marched through the passage ways.  With healers comes new life and the ones who fall shall rise again.  And without a doubt the determination of Dupre and his followers proved stronger then the life of the Exodus boss.  Victory!  For now the Exodus machines are silent but their powers still gloom leaving the honor moongate crippled as evidence.

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