Lake Austin Developers Meet and Greet-January 21st

January 23, 2015 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News


Wednesday, January the 21st, our developers visited our shard for a meet and greet.  With great pleasure I’m able to share both the transcript but also pictures of the event.

bleak 1kyronix 1Misk 1


: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Good evening Lake Austin

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Good Evening everyone

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Hi Rasesar

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: good evening :)

first qeustion


: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: seems you are our only question tonight

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: aye :) so i can ask a few questions

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: curious: can we get any spoilers on the next publish? date and what will be in it?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Our next publish is a bug fix

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but I will give you one hint to the one after

: [Crystal] Misk says: ONE bug fix…

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we are doing currency conversion!

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: nice!

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: will we be able to do large quantity trades in the trade window? 500M?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the rest will be revealed a little later

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes money will be transferred via trade window with a slide

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: fantastic!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Yes we feel its long over do

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: ok next question: I have been noticing lots of multiboxers at events and blatant cheaters.

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: are these being policed at all or is something being done?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I have answered this question every time

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: oh

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Its a matter of catching them macroing at this point

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: if the GM’s catch them unattended they will action them

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: ok so that’s interesting. you say “unattended”

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: the players may still be attended despite mirroring keyboard and mouse inputs across characters

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: this is illegal is it not? controlling multiple characters with single keyboard and mouse inputs

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Since Supreeme put in the multi client option he opened the door to this

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the only way we can action anyone is to get them macroing

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: at this time

: [Crystal] Bleak says: attended play of multiple accounts is not illegal

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: what about using programs to mirror actions across clients

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: with “attended” keystrokes

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I will only say the only thing we can do is action against unattended macroing

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: ok so its legal. roger

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: last question

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: can I get my masks dyed 😀 after the m&g

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: depends on how late we are

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: depends too

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: ok cool thanks

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thanks =)

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: thank you all

: [Crystal] Rasesar Wej says: have a good night

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hi

: [Crystal] Garion says: Hello and welcome to LA. =)

better turn out

: [Crystal] Garion says: I appreciate your visit and want to thank you all for so many years of fun

: [Crystal] Garion says: I have two questions.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Garion says: First, I know in the past you have talked about revamping the bod system.

: [Crystal] Garion says: at least as far as the rewards go. is there any thought to making it more point based…..

: [Crystal] Garion says: ….for turning in as some of the bods are rather not worth it to do?

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: We’ve talked about that in the past

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Where you get to pick the reward based on an accumulated pool of points

: [Crystal] Garion says: right.

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: That is certainly something we’ll look at when we take a look at the BoDs

: [Crystal] Garion says: *nods* this sort of relates to the issue I emailed you on Mesanna.

: [Crystal] Garion says: its still a problem

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm hun I get over 300 emails a day

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: can you be a little more specific

: [Crystal] Garion says: the one on the problem with incorrect bod rewards

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok

: [Crystal] Garion says: not sure if I should say it publicly

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: go ahead you started it =)

: [Crystal] Garion says: Ok. some of the tailor LBODs are producing incorrect and higher rewards than one should get.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: You know the rates were changed in 2008

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: to improve the rates

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: they are not incorrect

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we did test this

: [Crystal] Garion says: yes but lately I have been getting a lot of barbed kits and 120 PS on things that historically

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and all the test were found to be as design of the system

: [Crystal] Garion says: never gave them out

: [Crystal] Garion says: so I am not sure if that is intended.

: [Crystal] Misk says: In 2008-2009 we made changes to increase the odds of getting high end runic tools

: [Crystal] Garion says: which was why I emailed a few examples.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will review it again

: [Crystal] Garion says: its only in the last 4 months it seems to have been an issue for me

: [Crystal] Misk says: I got your bug report, investigated the issue and it is working as intended

: [Crystal] Garion says: ok.

: [Crystal] Garion says: 2nd question. for us fishers, is there any change lobster traps can be redone to be less labor?

: [Crystal] Garion says: similar to fishing poles at least.

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Could you be more specific?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: why do you find it difficult

: [Crystal] Garion says: with fishing its cast and something comes up

: [Crystal] Garion says: with lobster traps its drop, wait a random time, and sometimes you get something.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will not change it to be like fishing

: [Crystal] Garion says: its rather labor intensive to do fishing vs crustaceans

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: this is how it works

: [Crystal] Garion says: could the traps be guaranteed to have something then?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol no we trashed the easy button

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *grins*

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: I find the best way to lay out a string of traps just like they do on Deadliest Catch

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Set your boat to go forward and put them out, then turn the boat around

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: And pick them up

: [Crystal] Misk says: and hope you don’t fall overboard…

: [Crystal] Garion says: ok. thanks. =)

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thanks for your feedback

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Thank you



: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: good evening lady mesanna and fellow devs

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Hello Veronica

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Good Evening

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: i have a few questions

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: first are there any plans to once and for all identify and decay all ownerless homes

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no there is not

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: very well

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: next questions

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: er question

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: are there any plans to change the vendor system?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: can you be more specific

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: and what i mean specifically is the ability to move our vendors within our homes to other spots

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: and to drop say 1 million dollar cheques on them for maintenance

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: another player brought this up

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we found it to be an interesting idea that we are still discussing

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok we are doing away with checks

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: ok

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: with the currency conversion

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: alright very well but u may look into us being able to move our vendors?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm we are still talking about the best way to handle this

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: very well

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: question regarding abyss rewards

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: have they been toned back since pub 80?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: that is a very general question sorry

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: all the abyss rewards?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: loot on mobs

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we have not toned anything back

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but if we have more information as to what you are asking we can answer it correctly

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: i wish to release this

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: i wish to release this

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: i wish to release this

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: *That is not locked down*

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: well the artie drops have been fewer since pub 80 in the mini champ area

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: You must be in your house to do that!

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: my macro excuse me :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we have not changed anything

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: very well

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: final question from me mlady

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we can look into it but it was not intentional

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes?

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: any plans to revamp the outdated guild roster system ?

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: such as announcing guild or alliance members logging in and out?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Not at this time but I agree it needs to be done

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: one final question

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: I just remembered

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: sorry

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: any plans to implement a log system home owners can access to see who comes in and out?

: [Crystal] Bleak says: Good suggestion. I will add it to my list

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: thank you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thanks you Veronica

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: that is all for now so others may ask.. thank you for your time Lady Mesanna

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: and devs

: [Crystal] Veronica Mars says: for visiting LA :)



: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Themis

: [Crystal] Themis says: Greetings.

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello

: [Crystal] Themis says: Could we get an update on the high res graphics update for the EC? Could some examples be posted to

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: With the movement to Broadsword and one artist we have alot of other tasks we want done

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: until we can get some help that is a very slow process to update 1000’s of tiles

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: When we have something we will show it off I promise

: [Crystal] Themis says: What happened to the “quick way” talked about last year?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: It wasn’t good enough

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: it was only slight

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: after it was done

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: great try by Bleak though

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we all had our fingers crossed

: [Crystal] Themis says: Unfortunate.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: agreed

: [Crystal] Themis says: Those were my only questions. Thank you for your time.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hi Helpaestus


: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: evening, and thank you all for being here “after hours” :)

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Greetings

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: i will make mine pretty quick

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: there has been some discussion recently about maybe just adding a reward or two to ML peerleses

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: *on stratcis

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: just wanted to see what you guys thought of that idea – maybe a new artie like the crimson

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: I’ve been watching the thread

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: to “refresh” old content

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Some great ideas, we have a list of bosses that definitely need a hard look at their loot

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Charybdis is a good example

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: So when and where we can, we’ll look to revitalize those encounters

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: not too much!

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: just a new reward or two would be good :)

: [Crystal] Hephaestus says: thats all – and thanks for all you do!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thanks!

great news

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: Good evening Mesanna, Kyronix, Bleak, Misk and

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: Augustus.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Longstooth

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: I would like to first thank Mesanna for assisting with

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: Johnny Ray aka Dregg aka Jacob and the unbelievable

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: nightmare resulting from the FIFA hack at EA/Origin.

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: I would like to ask when Broadsword plans on taking over

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: the Account Management and Origin Store?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Origin store is EA

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will never take over that store

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: maybe offer other ways in the future to buy items =)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: also

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: through game?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the Account management is being redone as we speak by us

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: excellent

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: The last meeting we had on this I requested the ability for you guys to be able

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: to unlink accounts

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and give them to other players

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: 😉

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: since I get that request alot

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: any eta or..?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I am hoping within a month

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but please do not hold me to it

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: its a mess to clean up

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: understood

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but we are trying to KISS it

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and make it alot easier to navigate

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: I like easy

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: most people do

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: indeed

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: I really appreciate ya’lls time…..

: [Crystal] Longtoothz says: That is all I have, have a great evening!!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

govenor jov is poliet

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hi Jahajx

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Good evneing Everyone

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: thank you for taking the time to talk to us

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Our pleasure

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Do you have any plans to expand on the role of governors? Because if not I have a few ideas.

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: If you’ve got ideas you can feel free to email them over

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: We’re always open to new ideas

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: i will certainly do that. what email can i spam .. i mean .. use..

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: send it to me

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I will make sure the team gets it

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: what is your current address that we should use?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: [email protected]

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: broadsword

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: can’t type =P

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Attracting new players to the game. Any plans?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes we have plans

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: … … care to share ?

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: with the coming of Steam and adding a new player experience

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: that will benefit new and returning players

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Steam?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but as I said that is later this year

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes UO will be on steam

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: i guess i’d better go find out what steam is :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: as you know we have already greenlighted

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: It’s a digital distribution platform

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: For PC games with 75 million users

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: that a good pool to pull from

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: It sure is!

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: something else that i thought of while Garion was asking questions..

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Did Mento Seasoning etc ever become stackable?

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Unfortunately I don’t think we can make that one stack

Mesanna: no we still have the gerbals

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: because it damn near broke my house last time i bought it.

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: I looked at it with the last publish when we made some items stackable

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: and it can’t be stackable?

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: And unfortunately they were implemented in a way that makes making them stackable

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Undoable

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: from a non programers perpsective it appears to be like any other resource.. can it be .. ..

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: unimplemented..

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: or .. it’s just completely a no go?

<26596035>Markus: steam does have its own client software dunno if they going that rout

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: We’d have to reimplment it completely

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: so you saying there’s a chance? :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no chance

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: sorry

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: doh

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: its a lot of work for only one item

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: that’s a shame

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: aye.. that I agree with..

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: it just make fish pies almost uncraftable.

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: Also, one last quick question. Do you intend to kill us all at any point this evening?

EM Augustus: *looks at Jov, thinks he is tempting fate*

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: *looks at Jov, thinks he is tempting fate*

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm I can kill you now and get it over with if you want

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: I’ve never been able to attend your events before

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: so I’m not sure when the death happens

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: there you go

bye by jov

EM Augustus: Well then…

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: lol

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: about there

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: ah ..

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: there we go

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: feel better *grins*

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: 17 years.. and you finally got me

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *laughs*

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: hehe

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: is it possible to sign EM Augustus to a 50 year contact as our EM?

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: we kind’a want to keep him here

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no I might get rid of him for being late tonight

EM Augustus: *raises eyebrow, he has already been stapled to the floor of Lake Austin*

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: *raises eyebrow, he has already been stapled to the floor of Lake Austin*

EM Augustus: > <

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: > <

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: we only used stables

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a good evening

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: you’re going no where

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: shoo =P

: [Crystal] Jahajx Jov says: thank you everyone for your time

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

all the rest

(I apologize if I misnamed anyone)

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: hello all

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: ill be quick

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: greetings LongHorn

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: Any plans on revising the trial account program?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Not at this time

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: any plans on revising idocs?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will be in the future

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: how so?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: No but I will let Bleak answer it

: [Crystal] Bleak says: No plans at this time

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we are going to turn them private if they go into OSI owned

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: nothing that would benefit IDOC’ers

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: any plans to add a PR person?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: You see the PR people for UO

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: where? :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: in front of you

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: hehe

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the team

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: Gold changes coming soon?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: *does happy dance*

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: thanks

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: have a good night

: [Crystal] LongHorn says: *waves*

: [Crystal] John Sally says: Hail!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Hi John

: [Crystal] John Sally says: Two things

: [Crystal] John Sally says: hail

: [Crystal] John Sally says: Is there anything going to be done with the stat lose to non VVV

: [Crystal] John Sally says: members?

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: If you flag as a VvV participant

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: by attacking or healing a VvV player (orange)

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: You will suffer stat loss

: [Crystal] John Sally says: why?

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Are you seeing something else?

: [Crystal] John Sally says: im confused

: [Crystal] John Sally says: we just wanna pvp

: [Crystal] John Sally says: not stat

: [Crystal] John Sally says: we would do factions

: [Crystal] John Sally says: hate stat

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Well without stat nobody ever wins a battle

: [Crystal] John Sally says: yes they do

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: And it opens up all the problems we had with blue healers

: [Crystal] John Sally says: the losers do

: [Crystal] John Sally says: when they all die

: [Crystal] John Sally says: we shouldnt have to go in stat if we arent in VVV

: [Crystal] John Sally says: and not in the battle ground

: [Crystal] John Sally says: we dont get the rewards

: [Crystal] John Sally says: we just want to fight

: [Crystal] John Sally says: everyone should be VVV then

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you for the feedback, but we have no plans to change that at this time

: [Crystal] John Sally says: ok….

: [Crystal] John Sally says: i guess we will all join VVV

: [Crystal] John Sally says: since it’s forcing us to.

: [Crystal] John Sally says: but ok i guess.

: [Crystal] John Sally says: now to idocs.

: [Crystal] John Sally says: the system i understand is to stop scripters

: [Crystal] John Sally says: which if anything helps them

: [Crystal] John Sally says: last 10 idocs i have went to have dropped at 3-5:30am

: [Crystal] John Sally says: est

: [Crystal] John Sally says: so you follow idocs

: [Crystal] John Sally says: to decay state

: [Crystal] John Sally says: idoc

: [Crystal] John Sally says: and its 1-24hrs drop

: [Crystal] John Sally says: all drop between

: [Crystal] John Sally says: 3-5:30am

: [Crystal] John Sally says: only ones that are going are scripters

: [Crystal] Bleak says: That is not the intention. I will look into it

: [Crystal] John Sally says: they are setting up scripts

: [Crystal] John Sally says: that when

: [Crystal] John Sally says: the house drops

: [Crystal] John Sally says: chrs run in

: [Crystal] John Sally says: grab items

: [Crystal] John Sally says: and hold them there.

: [Crystal] John Sally says: so only one that this system is helping is scripters

: [Crystal] John Sally says: because no active player is waiting

: [Crystal] John Sally says: 1-24hrs

: [Crystal] John Sally says: in idoc state

: [Crystal] John Sally says: for house to fall

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: We said we would look into it, that is not our intention for it to drop only those hours

: [Crystal] John Sally says: which they all go from 3-5:30am

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok John

<: [Crystal] John Sally says: please revist VVV also. that is very unfair.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Bleak will check the system

: [Crystal] John Sally says: thanks for your time.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Bleak says: thank you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Super

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Hail and well met!

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Thanks you for the time!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: I am a long time player!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: I love the ladies and love the game!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *smiles*

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! and long line UO!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: live even

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we are trying

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Have a nice night! Oh

: [Crystal] Bleak says: thank you

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: We had a few statues removed on Atl

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: character ones

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the vet reward character statues

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: they were glorious

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: that were naked?

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: umm maybe?

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: with the club pose?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: that maybe looked a little suggestive?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: those what 4?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I believe

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: ahh well not really inteneded hehe

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yeah ok

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: intended

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: lol

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: then why did the female not have a club and naked?

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: anyway love the game and like I said

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol thank you

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Long live UO!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: oh

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a good evening

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: parties

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: lets do them again

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: attended a

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Dave and Busters

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: in Columbus Ohio

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: fantastic time

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Vegas!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: meet and greats rock

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: I love you and what you do!

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Thanks for your time!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Super Kraxal says: Good night!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: night

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Diggy

: [Crystal] Diggy says: Howdy all

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello

: [Crystal] Diggy says: One quick question for boaters

: [Crystal] Diggy says: Is the re anything or any thoughts about

: [Crystal] Diggy says: new gates for boaters

: [Crystal] Diggy says: too be able to travel from fel to tram like the serpent pillars

<13575260>Edward Teach: its great if you play vvv. it only sucks if you dont play vvv yet you get stat loss

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: when we redo the priates and the quests etc we will look into it

: [Crystal] Diggy says: thank you so much

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: We have alot we want to do

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but that is on our list

: [Crystal] Diggy says: i wish to secure this item

: [Crystal] Diggy says: awesome

: [Crystal] Diggy says: thank you for all your time here this evening

<: [Crystal] Taka says: Good Evening Mesanna, Kyronix, Bleak, Misk and Augustus

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Taka

: [Crystal] Taka says: I love Uo and is close to 15 year player

: [Crystal] Taka says: I have a few question

: [Crystal] Taka says: you mention Uo will be on steam this year

: [Crystal] Taka says: so any chance purchasing UO stuff though to steam ??

: [Crystal] Taka says: Example like selling more ingame stuff which third party site been doing

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we are looking into their store there

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: or into a in game store

: [Crystal] Taka says: ahh cool

: [Crystal] Taka says: i hope to be able to buy gold

: [Crystal] Taka says: Will we get some new tameable animal or more sea creature in the world of UO??

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: stay tuned

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will announce that later

: [Crystal] Taka says: ahh cool

: [Crystal] Taka says: any chance of more sea creature in Uo

: [Crystal] Taka says: like turtle

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I am not talking about this

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: as I just stated we will talk about that later

: [Crystal] Taka says: oh thank

: [Crystal] Taka says: Last but not least you guys did awesome for 2014 really love the vendor search and global loot

: [Crystal] Taka says: change

: [Crystal] Taka says: just want to say thank and have a good night

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: welcome and good night

: [Crystal] Dregg says: Hail, I would first like to thank Mesanna for helping deal with my EA/Origin issue

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Dregg

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Most welcome

: [Crystal] Dregg says: my wife is beside me and she wants me to thank you as well


: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thats sweet thank you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I am glad I can help

: [Crystal] Dregg says: my first thing i would like to ask is if there is gonna be a chance at a faster in game mount

: [Crystal] Dregg says: or even vet reward setup

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: as far as the mount no

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the vet reward set up do you mean like a turn in system?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: oh oh

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I get it

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: sorry

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you mean using a vet reward to go faster

: [Crystal] Dregg says: or even quest type system for reward of a mount that might go like 10% faster

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we have never talked about this to be honest with you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: its a little scary to even go there imo

: [Crystal] Dregg says: all good

: [Crystal] Dregg says: was just throwing that idea out if it was not yet

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we love to hear ideas

: [Crystal] Dregg says: some of my questions already got ansewrred while standing in line

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: send them all day long

: [Crystal] Dregg says: only other thing i would like to ask is about an event item i have

: [Crystal] Dregg says: a pair of boots on Atl that i would like dyed back to original color

: [Crystal] Dregg says: aat a time that is good for you

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm what

: [Crystal] Dregg says: it was an event drop

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: sorry did you dye them

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: from the color that was given out?

: [Crystal] Dregg says: I bought them and the previous owner had dyed them

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hrm

: [Crystal] Dregg says: i tried ficxing it but could not

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: email me I will think about this

: [Crystal] Dregg says: so i figured while i was here i would ask

: [Crystal] Dregg says: yes mam

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: not sure I want to open that door

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you

: [Crystal] Dregg says: i shall

: [Crystal] Dregg says: that is it for me

: [Crystal] Dregg says: thank you for your time

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: good night

: [Crystal] Dregg says: night

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings Thumper

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Ok, I own house :) Cootie is co-owenre

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Are you the Thumper that I know?

: [Crystal] Thumper says: I snogged you

: [Crystal] Thumper says: duh

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Anyways

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I have your email

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: just fyi

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok what is your question

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Awesome

: [Crystal] Thumper says: So –

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Cootie got Kings collection

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Put stuff in my house that I own – she is co-owned

: [Crystal] Thumper says: she can’t use it

: [Crystal] Thumper says: as designed?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I am pretty sure only the owner can use the items but let me check

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: which items

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: like the pictures?

: [Crystal] Thumper says: But – she is co-owner — the fire shield,

: [Crystal] Thumper says: for example

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok she should be able to use them

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will look into it tomorrow

: [Crystal] Thumper says: 3 items in the kings collection give items, correct

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and see if there is an issue

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you have the kings collection?

: [Crystal] Thumper says: she does

: [Crystal] Thumper says: put it on my house, which she is co-owned to

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I will let you know

: [Crystal] Thumper says: and she can’t use it

: [Crystal] Thumper says: says “you need to be in your house to use this”

: [Crystal] Thumper says: when she tries to use it

: [Crystal] Thumper says: even though she is co-owner

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Can I have your Stuffs?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: LOL

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I am not dead or quitting

: [Crystal] Thumper says: I always have to ask that too :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I know =P

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Nice shoes

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thanks

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: they do this =P

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Anyways – yea, if you got my E-Mail on the 13th, please reply :) And I understand

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: Fiery boots.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ok I will fix it

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Take care y’all, you ROCK!

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: just need to get with a GM

: [Crystal] Thumper says: For real?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I will email when finished

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yep

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you for having us Lake Austin

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Is Raimeus in line?

: [Crystal] Bleak says: Thanks everyone!

: [Crystal] Thumper says: Dude, it’s a system problem

: [Crystal] Raimeus says: partially

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: I was about to ask is Raimeus and Stonewall were next.

: [Crystal] Raimeus says: he’s mainly a trouble maker

: [Crystal] Thumper says: ok, will do. Thanks Mesanna :)

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Thanks Thumper

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: So Raimeus coming up?

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: Rasesar… xD

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hi

: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Greetings!

: [Crystal] Bleak says: hello


: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hooray!

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: Hoorah.

: [Crystal] EM Augustus says: Stonewall were you coming up?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Thamks for having us Lake Austin

After the Meet and Greet, we had a very special surprise for EM Augustus

the best em

: [Crystal] Garion says: This is quick.

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Hi Garion

: [Crystal] Garion says: Augustus is awesome. Do you by chance have that little surprise for him?

: [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: umm let me pull you some place else

mesanna and stuffy

Veronica Mars: a blue dragon stuffy??

Jahajx Jov: hee

Trinity: Aww lol that’s adorable!

Jack Sparrow: ohhhh thats purdy

Jahajx Jov: Good call :)

Veronica Mars: its turned off?

EM Augustus: Going to have to put this somewhere it can be seen. :)

too the hall

Jack Sparrow: that stuffy is cool, congrats

Veronica Mars: congrats EM Augustus!

EM Augustus: “Thanks From All Your LA Mindreaders”, yeah.

EM Augustus: There are a lot of them too.

EM Augustus: Oooh.

EM Augustus: I like the sound of this.

EM Augustus: Good night Mesanna.

EM Augustus: Thank you Veronica, and everyone. :)

EM Augustus: Garion, did not see that coming. xD

Tamais : lol

EM Augustus: Guess I should have consulted one of the mind readers… damn.

Veronica Mars: *GROUP HUG*

EM Augustus: I think I will go set this down in the hall right now. :)

EM Augustus: *hugs back*

Brienne: You’re trapped!

EM Augustus: Thank you all.

Veronica Mars: we got u now :)

Veronica Mars: and youre not going anywehere :)

EM Augustus: It’s okay, I am already stapled and glued to the floor here.

Veronica Mars: except the EM Hall

Veronica Mars: teleport us to the hall! :)

Tamais : we are never letting you go :)

Veronica Mars: lets see the event

John Sally: lets have a event

Veronica Mars: of u placing the dragon

Veronica Mars: :)

Veronica Mars: gate to the hall ?

EM Augustus: Yep, trying to find my bar!

Veronica Mars: ok

Veronica Mars: :)

Tamais : lol

Veronica Mars: historic LA night

Veronica Mars: EM gets gift from Mesanna :)

Tamais : a very very special gift

Garion: one we knew hed like

Veronica Mars: neat

EM Augustus: There, now its within reach to smack Thalia with.

Veronica Mars: can u turn it on?

Jahajx Jov: hehe

Garion: Actually I should get someone else for this part. hang on.

Tamais : lol i’ll even hold on to Thalia

Jahajx Jov: aye

Jahajx Jov: Thalia should really be here for this.

Jahajx Jov: oh well.. speek of the devil :)

Thalia: Woo!

EM Augustus: Why hello there.

Thalia: Blue Weld Stuff Doll!

Thalia: muahahaha

EM Augustus: *picks up the Blue Weld Stuffy and whacks Thalia with it*

EM Augustus: Look, its real!

Thalia: hehe

Thalia: our evil plans worked.

Tamais : :)

Rasesar Wej: we need a replica of that to drop *wink*

Rasesar Wej: its so pretty

EM Augustus: I see that, its been engendered into existence.

Tamais : Thalia has been planning this for a while

EM Augustus: Rasesar is correct… but when…

Rasesar Wej: *grins*

Thalia: imagine if they turned a snowball into that so you could really toss em

EM Augustus: Now I have something to build a Replica from, muahah.


and  so ended a wonderful Meet and Greet

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