Lady Tahani’s Election Hoopla Exclusive!

September 16, 2013 By: Andrasta Category: Atlantic News

Tahani: Please welcome EM Bennu!

EM Bennu: *is early*

Tahani: Please come up Sir, Welcome.

EM Bennu: *gets comfy*


Tahani: Can you tell us how you feel about all the excitement the citizens are showing regarding the elections?

EM Bennu: As the EM for Atlantic the past 3 years I have grown to see myself as a bit of the daddy…
Some people may scoff at that. Some people might be offended by it, but that is how I feel.

EM Bennu: Taking that stance with the new Royal Council…I have been amazed with how well the players have attached to the concept.
People far above my own pay grade have spent a lot of time watching Atlantic and how we interact with the Royal Council.


EM Bennu: They are all very very proud of us. I am very proud of all of you, the Royal Council is a neat program…But without players to embrace it…It would fail.
I have been humbled and very very proud to call myself your EM.
I am still amazed with how well the council has done.

EM Bennu: *shifty eyes* *says something about being long winded* *laughs*

Tahani: that’s fine *smiles* The people want to hear what you think.
Will there be more tangible support to the Governors this time?

EM Bennu: Things are constantly evolving. This next term I think the Governors and the Towns will be focused on building Governors’ Offices.
There will be costs involved but it should be fun. The program is new and as such things are constantly in flux. Rules change, guidance evolves.

Tahani: Are there any plans to expand the council and include the Player Cities?

EM Bennu: How do you mean?

Queen Arya: Toad Town

Tahani: To name only one.

EM Bennu: Ah I see. I am not sure actually. Mesanna has asked me to adopt a few things from other servers.
Like being able to have player towns earn certain things. A Stable Master was the example she gave me.

EM Bennu: However…And I suppose this is as good of a place as any to say this…It would also involve taking down banners of inactive sites.
And tearing down the Ebon Skull and Sanctus banners would break my heart.
Please don’t make me do that :(

Tahani: Will you post the criteria of that before doing it?

EM Bennu: Of course.

Tahani: There are citizens still in those towns.

EM Bennu: I need to see one.

Tahani: perhaps they can be reinvigorated.

EM Bennu: *grins* PLEASE.

Tahani: We can do that *grins*

EM Bennu: But yes Mesanna wants to move into a way for player towns to be more active.
However as for them having a seat on the council, I don’t think so.
They will need to work with a host city.

Tahani: Some hope of involvement would cheer many of them.
I know you canot speak for the King…

EM Bennu: *nod* I am not the King.

Tahani: But do you know if he is happy with his Kingdom?

EM Bennu: From what I have seen I think he is very very happy with the way things have unfolded.
He had me commission busts of all the first term governors.
They were set up in his castle this evening.

Tahani: oo now that is exciting.

EM Bennu: *says something about how he likes this format* Helps me get word out about things. Someone poke Faeryl, Kylie and Joanna.

EM Bennu: *scoots over to be closer to the cute interviewer*

Tahani: *blushes* What would you like to see in future governors?

EM Bennu: Activity…And that goes for not just Atlantic.
Some of the servers are hurting for participation. However, I’m not asking anyone to move there…
But what is needed most is activity from the governors.
If you don’t show up the King will replace you. It’s part of his job.

Tahani: Well lastly EM Bennu…Is there anything else you wold like us all to know?
Don’t be shy *grins*

EM Bennu: Just that I am very proud to be your EM, and thank you guys so much for putting up with me.
I do my best, I know not everyone loves my face to pieces. But I do try…And it does mean a lot to me to be here.

Tahani: I think we all appreciate you more than you know.

EM Bennu: If there is anything I can do to help you personally gain more interest and fun from the game.
As long as it is in my power and I can do it legally, I will.
I am honest, and fair, and go out of my way to be both to everyone.

Tahani: *smiles* you do an awesome job, we are very lucky.

EM Bennu: Just remember…My job is Events, Content and Role Playing. I am not a DEV team member.

Tahani: Thank you very much for coming this evening. I wish we had time for more questions but alas we’ll have to do this again soon.

EM Bennu: I’m sure people are tired of looking at my beard.

Tahani: Please give a hand to EM Bennu.

EM Bennu: *Goes to watch more skits* *waves*

Tahani does another interview and once it is over EM Bennu has returned to the interview area and says:

EM Bennu: Can I say one more thing?

Tahani: yes Sir.. most certainly *smiles*

EM Bennu: A lot of people pine for the old days. I hear it a lot.
“things were better when..” “I remember when we all got together and did..”


EM Bennu: I want you all to take a look around. We have about 75 people.
There is no fighting…No griefing…No PvP and no rewards. Just all of us, together.


I wrote an open letter once, when the RP community was having problems.
I probably shouldn’t have written it but I hoped it would help.
I am glad to see the community of UO thriving again.
And I am proud that it is so strong on Atlantic.
Thank you. Ok. I’ll shutup now :p *winks*

Tahani: *Cheers for EM Bennu & Atlantic*

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