Lady Lava’s Year End Letter

December 31, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Lady Lava on the steps of her Luna Manse with a bottle of New Years 2012 brandy by Arrow of Yew


Dear Citizens of Great Lakes,

It is time for my annual year end letter and here it is. It has been a crazy year full of drama, floods, a man chews off another mans face, senior actor Clint Eastwood talks to an empty chair for twenty minutes, a spanish fresco is ruined by good intentions, Chick-fil-A gets nasty, Fifty Shades of Grey and of course the Presidential election. Now there was some drama !

Needless to say there was a lot of drama in the realm and no I am not just talking about bank sitting and general chat drama. Though there is bad drama I prefer the good like the type our EMs bring us, roleplay drama. We saw the return of a powerful and friendly King.


The peoples King


We saw other new and exciting things including revamps of popular dungeons. The Void Pool was a popular place for many months bringing many people together. Sadly it is a deserted place now. Hopefully in the near future something will be added to bring life back to this location. Despise was another place reborn and one can still find a group hunting there daily. It appears it is all about the newest and hottest and that would be Exodus, a fun and challenging boss to defeat.

2012 saw the departure or down sizing of several large guilds. Some left for other shards and others to try their hand at another game. The shift changes when this happens and new guilds grow, new friends and alliances are made. It is all part of the ongoing history of Great Lakes.  On a sad personal note, two ten year vets that I have played with since the beginning of their time left the realm for good and willed me all that they had. I am happy to say the homes, pets and belongings I tried hard to find good homes for and I think I have.

The old Mayan calender has ended and a new one has started. Our calender is starting anew also and I look forward to what 2013 will bring in and out of the realm.


Fondly, Lady Lava


P.S. EM Elizabella has recently updated the Rewards Hall so be sure to check it out.

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