King’s Council Meeting for September

September 08, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

Announcements from the King included the official start of the policy regarding governors that was announced at the last meeting, and a small discussion on trade deals. Replacement of governors that miss three consecutive meetings will be decided on a case by case basis. Interviews with the King and remaining governors was mentioned as a likely means to picking candidates.  The King stated that while the issue may be revisited in the future, he would not place any kind of sanction on a Governor that failed to provide a trade deal for their citizens at this time. Governor Thom has offered to organize another auction to help fund cities that are lacking the means to secure trade deals.

Governor Mare Jade Sky of Vesper asked for some decorations for their bank, as well as a trash can for clean up. She also inquired about having another dock added to the city for the use of their navy, which was put on hold until after the Royal Dockbuilders have solved the issues surrounding putting docks up in Yew and Minoc. Governor Va’lis Razele, of Moonglow reported the theft of several animals from the zoo, and has asked that it be reported to him if anyone finds people selling young animals. Governor Thom of Trinsic asked for a lighthouse to be built on the southern tip of Barrier Isle to help direct ships around the island when docking with Trinsic. Governor Pandora of Britain discussed the building of the jail, which is scheduled to happen after the construction of the offices for several cities, and the building of a hospital in East Britain.

When the floor was opened to comment by the citizens a man named Mario Trovario stood and detailed a vicious attack on the governor of Buccaneer’s Den, Jack Bauer. According to Mr. Trovario a ranger’s glove and a note were left at the site of the attack. The note demanded that the governor keep to his island of criminals, and stay away from the Council meetings. Seeker Gillian Wilkins of the Rangers of Spiritwood offered their cooperation in the investigation, stating that random bombings and fire were not their way of handling things.

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