Khaldun Research

October 03, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

The Legends book club, which tries to meet every Sunday at 8pm EST, has been studying the Khaldun Dungeon in recent weeks.  Several brave souls ventured into the depths of the dungeon and have recovered a set of Journals left by researchers who had fallen victim to the creatures and mysteries of Khaldun.  These recovered journals have been placed in the basement of the Jhelom Library.  Most of the journals are in a pouch on the table to the left, but two of the journals can be found on the large table.

 All the players of Legends are invited to copy these journals so they can have a set for themselves.  To complete this one must gather twenty eight blank books, the larger purple ones found on several NPCs, and twenty eight red leaves.  The red leaves can be harvested from Bright Red Ponytail Palms, Bright Red Elephant Ear Plants and Bright Red Century Plants.  Or search the vendors as several players sell these leaves.


Once you have gathered these materials simply make your way to the basement of the library and copy each one of the journals using the inscription skill.  You do not need to have the inscription skill to copy the books.  Simply open your skill menu choose inscription then click the book you wish to copy and then target the book you wish to copy it into. 

Once you copy a journal use a red leaf to lock the script.  After completing this step put all the books together in a pouch and drop them into one of the two mailboxes outside the Communications Center found in Britain next to the EM Hall. 

EM Miko will color the books with a special dye which is unique to the book club books we read every week.  You have until next Sunday 10/9 to complete this task if you wish to have a set of the books.

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