Kelmo lifts hearts in south

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There was joy all across Trinsic yesterday when Siege Perilous stalwart Kelmo, best known as the no-nonsense editor of The Siege Post, announced that he would be running for the vacant governorship.

Am enthusiastic crowd gathered at the east bank to watch him etch his name onto the town stone, and a minor scuffle broke out as those present squabbled to become the one to officially endorse the nomination.

“Trinsic has long been ignored,” he told the audience. “Much history has revolved around this neglected township. I remember not so long ago that Trinsic was a jumping-off point for Magincia. The city has a proud history; I will seek to reclaim that.”

He declined to elaborate on his plans for the city or what, if any, trade deals he would be seeking to negotiate, but his personal assistant, a Ms Melehan, assured everyone of his good intentions and reminded us of his past philanthropy, including raising hundreds of millions (in today’s prices) to save the western Abyss house for the nation.

“This is a great day for Trinsic,” commented Brock the guard. “There may be a few folk that don’t much care for Kelmo, but at least we know he’ll fight our corner at the King’s table.

Nevertheless, Trinsic’s cheer will give little succour to the residents of Jhelom, who now seemed resigned to another three months in the political hinterland. The anger of the the past few days now appears to have dissipated into mere apathy and, walking the town this morning, it was hard to find anyone with much to say about the elections.

“It is what it is,” said Vinson the healer, “I’m pleased for our neighbours in Trinsic, but that’s not going to mend the broken lanterns on our streets or help repair the duelling pit.”

One local resident was willing to share her thoughts however, and had her own theory on why the town was being ignored.

“The reason why the potholes and other safety issues go by the wayside is that they feel it is all part of the charm of the city,” says crafter Serephina Rose, the “they” apparently referring to the various power mongers further north. “They think ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.’”

She went on to say that, like many fellow citizens, she has shaken many a fist at these “naysayers”, wondering how they would know what is broken when they never actually visit the area. “They don’t appreciate the true rustic beauty of Jhelom,” she added.

Of course, I asked her whether she might consider running for the governorship herself.

“I wish I could do more for my beloved town”, she sighed, “but, alas, my busy life oft takes me to other realms and my home is silent and unattended for days.”

But not as silent and unattended as the Jhelom governor’s chair at the King’s Council.

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