June’s Treasure Hunt Challenge – Drachenfels vs. Legends

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June’s Treasure Hunt Challenge – Drachenfels vs. Legends

Kai Schober

31 May 2012 12:17:52 EST

  The Treasure Hunt Challenge is going international!

  Last month the Gold Diggers of Legends Shard won a record third competition in a row by defeating a former two-time champion, the Blue Beetles of Catskills. The match was a close affair, with some added drama in the form of a surprise rule change designed to challenge the two veteran teams. Unbeknownst to the Legends team, however, another shard was already waiting for their turn…

Dearest Miko and Helios,
I hope everything’s fine with you and the people of Legends. For a considerable time now I have followed Legend’s story of success in the Treasure Hunter Challenge. It made me think that the time has come to give you a real formidable opponent! For weeks Drachenfels has had Treasure Hunter team, waiting. After weeks of heavy training, The Pink Pickers are prepared to challenge you! Let’s say it quick and easy…

   Herewith I want to challenge you to compete with my Drachenfels Treasure Hunter Team! We are prepared for you! Anytime, and anywhere! Hopefully we get a positive response from you soon.

   Sincere regards,
The Pink Pickers & EM Borbarad

  Helios and Miko responded without hesitation:

  This matchup should prove to be an interesting one, as it marks the first time a shard from outside North America will participate. Is Drachenfels up to the pressure of beating a three time champion? Will Legends be able to sustain their winning ways? Come to the Chessboard in Nujel’m and watch Drachenfels take on Legends to find out!

Date: Sunday, June 3rd
Time: 4pm EST, 10pm CEST
Place: Nujel’m Chessboard, Test Center Shard
Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on their favorite team! Gates will be provided from the New Haven bank prior to and during the event.

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