Jhelom Festival 2012

August 01, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

EM Miko treated Legends to two long drunken days of events as the first ever Jhelom Festivals launched last weekend.  Kegs of ale and liquor showered the crowd and competitors all day long as the events unfolded.  Strange how mass consumption seemed to aid some of the players in their victories in several epic events including: Battle of the Blurred Minds Telekinesis, Trashed Moongate Race and Loaded Lanterns.  Eventually the kegs ran dry and the festival came to a close but not before many players flaunted their skills and claimed championships to each of the respected events.  EM Miko left a token from each event on display at the Game Center located in NE Jhelom.  Perhaps next year we will celebrate again and players will have a chance to show their talents but until then here are some pics from the fun we had this year.


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