Japan season event. Children’s day “Old man and Carp”

May 01, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

“What’s matter! Where is carps…”
Old man murmured with the expression which despaired, and he began to talk.
“There is a festival which celebrates a child’s growth and with which it decorates 3 carps at Tokuno. Usually,carps live in water,however carps by my family’s magicsails in sky by at
only festival.”
He said proudly.
“It visits in order that many persons may look at carps.”
He is taking care of the carp.His name is Rikuzaemon the Ⅸ.
“It is very expensive carps. I am breeding the carp carefully usually. This year,first day I used magic for carps,and I kept the carp in the box with gold.Next morning,all boxes are lost.”
The carp cannot be live in sky for a long time.,becouse I used only first day magic.But I want looking for caprs.”
Old guy back to summerhouse.

May 5(Sat) 9:00pm JST (8:00am Est)
May 5(Sat) 9:30pm JST (8:30am Est)

Location:Zento bank

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