It’s Time…..Drunk To Governor

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Drunk To Governor

When she first arrived in yew Aulbrey was motivated only by the thought of its winery. The monk that raised her often would speak about this place and she wanted to see it for herself. I will call this home she spoke softly as drool began to fall from the side of her mouth. Spending most of her nights Aulbrey would pass her time counting bottles in the winery.

Its true she thought to herself I never was one for sharing but that was in the past. Since her time in yew she learned that sharing was not all that bad. Not long ago she would share fish and bread with angered citizens. Her time in yew taught her many lessons, lessons that helped her grow as a person.

Aulbrey wanted to give back to those citizens that she had met so long ago. She wanted to prove to those who never gave her the chance. Long gone were the days of drinking away her sorrows, It was time for her to make a change, time to repay the kindness that so many showed to her. Aulbrey stood up swiftly its time she said loudly, its time……….after this bottle of wine she nodded as she sat back down and began to drink late into the night.

waking up early in her yew home aulbrey looked around and took a deep breath. well the bottle is empty now she thought to herself so that must stand to reason that its time. Walking toward the winery first. standing in front of the building she smiled and said stood silently for a moment. you will be safe i promise she whispered. Next she walked over to the Abbey, there she spoke with them briefly before making her way to the bank.

As she approached  nervousness began to overtake her but she fought through it. It has to be done she thought to herself as reached out and placed her name upon the stone. Times are a changing she thought but this time i can give back and be known for something good. Slipping her hand into her pouch she pulled out her flask, you will help me won’t you old friend she quietly spoke and she began to sip from it. With that she began to walk home.


She recalled into Serpent’s Hold the first thing she noticed was all the fancy decoration and then she saw it, her eyes filled with excitement as she made her way to the bar. It was almost like it was calling to her. Aulbrey sat drinking and waiting for the more people to arrive. As the time grew later into the night more people arrived.  Soon the rest of the candidates  began to show up.  The interviews were shortly underway each taking their turn answering questions.  She sat listening as each one began to talk about all the work they would do for the cities. Aulbrey started to wonder what she had gotten herself into. Work she thought to herself nobody told me anything about any work this was supposed to be only about protecting the wine she thought to herself. Before she knew it was her turn to go give her interview. Quickly answering all the questions aulbrey felt more relaxed and then it happened they asked the forbidden question……. Would you share the wine?.  Really who is so cruel to ask such a question she thought to herself. Quickly she began to think of a way to answer it without promising anything, in the end she did say someone would share. Hopefully they do not catch on to her phrasing that exludes her from the sharing.  After the interview aulbrey began to look at the other  event going on. There were gates offering a battle with Scalis, ice cream was being handed out,  there was even a drinking game going on outside which aulbrey was mistakenly a part of for a short time. The polls were kept watch over for any change.  Sadly the night eventually ended the people  slowly filtered out.

The following day Aulbrey made her way to the stone and to her shock her name was the only one listed. Things just got interesting she thought to herself. I hope the world is ready for the new governor of yew


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