Clean Up Pigments

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Publish 73 (part 2)
 Polished Bronze  Glossy Blue  Black and Green Deep Violet
Publish 74
 Aura of Amber  Murky Seagreen  Shadowy Blue  Gleaming Fuschia
Publish 75
 Glossy Fuschia  Deep Blue  Vibrant Seagreen  Murky Amber
Publish 78
Black and Green Pigment Shadow Blue Pigment Vibrant Crimson Pigment Reflective Shadow Pigment
Publish 81 Publish 82
star_blue mother_of_pearl liquid_sunshine dark_void
Star Blue Pigment Mother of Pearl Pigment Liquid Sunshine Pigment Dark Void Pigment
Publish 86
 vibrant_ocre  olive_green
Vibrant Ocher Pigment Olive Green Pigment

Last modified: July 28, 2014

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