Runic Re-Forging

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Runic Re-forging
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By Petra Fyde, January 2012

Information taken from officially released documentation with additional findings from players

For Stygian Abyss accounts, players may now use Runic Hammers to “re-forge” items
Re-Forging requires:

  • that the user use a Runic tool near a Soul Forge
  • that the user have 65% or higher imbuing skill ( The higher the character’s Imbuing skill the more options will be available.)
  • a non-magical craftable item that is not made from special materials

Re-Forging will consume one or more charges from the runic tool to add magical item properties to the item
The user chooses from a number of options to affect the results of the re-forging
Each option selected increases the charges required to perform the action
If no options are selected, the tool will add item properties randomly to the item, similarly to classic Runic crafting
If a Runic tool is used away from a Soul Forge, or by a non-entitle account, it behaves as a classic Runic crafting tool

Soul Forge bonuses DO NOT apply to Runic Re-Forging

Using the ‘help’ button on the gump will give access to the following information:

  • Powerful Re-Forging: causes the item to have slightly more magical power
  • Structural Re-Forging:causes the item to have more magical power, but the item will be Brittle
    • Fortified Re-Forging: causes the brittle item to have higher durability
  • Fundamental Re-Forging:causes the item to have significantly more magical power, but the item cannot be repaired. Its durability will be increased.
    • Integral Re-Forging: further increases the durability of the “cannot be repaired” item
  • Grand Artifice: guarantees that the resulting item will have one name, either a prefix or a suffix
    • Inspired Artifice: allows you to choose which name will be added to the item.
    • Exalted Artifice: guarantees that the item will have two names, both a prefix and a suffix
      • Sublime Artifice: allows you to choose a name to be added to the item. You must use both Inspired Artifice and Sublime Artifice in conjunction if you wish to choose both names to add to the item


Some options require other options to be set:

  • Fortified Re-Forging requires Structural Re-Forging
  • Integral Re-Forging requires Fundamental Re-Forging
  • Inspired Artifice requires Grand Artifice
  • Exalted Artifice required Grand Artifice
  • Sublime Artifice requires Exalted Artifice

Higher-level tools:

  • Have higher budgets for adding item properties
  • Grant more properties
  • Runic tools can be combined together if they are exactly the same type
    • Their charges will be combined into one tool
    • Only works if the resulting tool has 100 or less charges
    • To combine tools, double-click one tool while near a Soul Forge and target the other tool

The following less obvious items can be reforged.

  • Leather, studded or ringmail Blacksmith Gloves of Mining
  • Unconverted Juka Lord Bows
  • Weapons having split physical/elemental or 100% elemental damage but no other modifiers.

The table below is compiled from feedback submitted by players, it does not necessarily represent all possible outcomes.

Some properties appear to not be linked to a name and only appear when re-forging is not constrained by them, example, Reflect Physical Damage. Except in the case of Vampiric/of the Vampire some properties in the group can appear on any item type, additional properties appear only on specific item types.  Where ‘Eater’ is listed as a property this can be either Damage Eater, Kinetic Eater, Fire Eater, Cold Eater, Poison Eater or Energy Eater.

Reforging Properties by Name
Name All Types Weapon Armor Shield
Mighty/of Vitality Hit Point Increase, Hit point regen, str bonus hit life leech Eater eater
Mystic/of Sorcery Int Bonus, Lower Mana Cost, Mana Inc, Mana Regen Mana Leech no additional properties Soulcharge
Animated/of Haste Dex Bonus, Stamina Inc, Stamina Regen Stamina Leech, Swing Speed Increase no additional properties no additional properties
Arcane/of Wizardry Int Bonus, Lower Mana Cost, Mana Increase, Mana Regen Mana Leech, Mage Weapon, Mana Drain Casting Focus, Lower Reagent cost no additional properties
Exquisite/of Quality Durability, Lower Requirements Elemental Damage, Mage Weapon, Velocity (bows), Random Slayer Self Repair, resists Self Repair
Vampiric/of the Vampire None Hit Fatigue, Hit Life Leech, Hit Mana Drain, Hit Mana Leech N/A N/A
Invigorating/of Restoration Hit Point Regen, Mana Regen, Stamina Regen no additional properties Eater Eater, Soul Charge
Fortified/of Defense Resists No other properites Eater Eater
Auspicious/of Fortune Luck no additional properties no additional properties no additional properties
Charmed/of Alchemy Enhance Potions Balanced (bows) no additional properties no additional properties
Vicious/of Slaughter Hit Chance Increase Damage Increase, Hit (elemental type) damage, Hit Fireball, Hit Harm, Hit Lightening, Hit Magic Arrow no additional properties Damage Increase
Towering/of Aegis Defense Chance Increase Hit Lower Attack Casting Focus Soul Charge, Reactive Paralyze

Tinker Crafted Items

From Publish 85 the following items can be reforged using smith, carpentry or masonry runic tools


  • nunchaku


  • Gargish Stone Amulet


  • Smith Hammer
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Pick Axe
  • Pitchfork
  • Butcher Knife
  • Cleaver
  • Skinning Knife
  • Hatchet
  • Gargish Necklace
  • Gargish Glasses
  • Gargish Amulet
  • Gargish Earrings


Last modified: January 7, 2014

5 Comments to “Runic Re-Forging”

  1. zandarell says:

    Why isn’t regular rings/braclets included in reforging?

  2. Tiberus Delmore ATL says:

    I like the re-forging, even though it’s random and eats hammers quickly. But what I would like to see incorporated is Ancient Hammer’s. Which should be the granddaddy of all the runic hammers and should allow a bit more control of what is added?

    My chief complaint about crafting in general has always been lack of control over what’s being made. Only difference between a novice and a legendary is the amount of resist added to an item. As a legendary crafter, they should have more say of what’s being made then having to make 10, 20, 30 or more items to get that one special piece to make a suit or whatever.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exquisite of Quality on a weapon sometimes gives Random Slayer.

  4. I’ve also had FC-1/Spell Channeling from Mystic and Invigorating, I think it might happen on any attempt. Not common tho for sure.

  5. Exquisite delivered FC-1/Spell Channeling


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