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Miscellaneous Items with Special Abilities
Name Description
Ankh Pendant  Taken from FoF -9/28/07“What does the ankh necklace do?”
As a number of alert players have pointed out, should you visit one of the Shrines of the Virtues and meditate (chant a mantra) there, you will receive a system message having to do with that virtue. But what does it mean?

The ankh will give a bonus to one or more of the 3 regeneration stats that will last for 1 hour. The bonus can only be activated once per day. Each of the shrines will give a unique bonus combination to regeneration stats based on the virtue for that particular shrine (this is based on the 3 principles).

Each principle is related to a regeneration stat as follows:

  • Truth – Mana Regeneration
  • Love – Hit Point Regeneration
  • Courage – Stamina Regeneration

Each virtue will give the following bonus to regeneration stats as follows:

  • Honesty +2 Mana Regen
  • Compassion +2 HP Regen
  • Valor +2 Stamina Regen
  • Justice +1 Mana Regen, +1 HP Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Sacrifice +1 HP Regen, +1 Stamina Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Honor +1 Mana Regen, +1 Stamina Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Spirituality +1 All Regens (25% chance (3 independent rolls) to get each regen bumped up to +2)
  • Humility +3 Random Regen
Soulstone A Soulstone allows you to transfer all your skillpoints in any given skill from one character to another character on the same account.A Soulstone is tied to your account, so there is no point in buying or selling one, as it only works on the original account it was redeemed with.

Green Soulstones were a pre-order item with the Samurai Empire expansion. They can also be claimed by purchasing a ‘legacy token’ from
Blue Soulstones were a pre-order item with the Eighth Age Special Edition.
Red Soulstones can be claimed as a veteran reward at the end of the first year.

Solen Items
Name Description
Bag of Sending This is a reward you will receive from the Ambitious Solen Queen after you completed the quest to kill 5 Solen Queens. This bag has to be charged with Powder of Translocation (see below) and will allow you to send one item or one stack of items directly to your bank box. Sending will use up one charge. You cannot send so-called ‘cursed’ items like power scrolls.
Bracelet of Binding One of these Bracelets can be bound to another Bracelet of Binding. The Bracelet will allow easy travel from the location of one Bracelet to the location of the other Bracelet. Can be found on Black Solen Warriors and Red Solen Warriors. Can hold up to 999 charges.
Crystal Ball of Pet Summoning This Crystal Ball allows you to summon a linked pet to your location. Can be found as loot on Black Solen Queens and Red Solen Queens.
Powder of Translocation This is a reward you will receive from the Ambitious Solen Queen after you completed the quest to kill 5 Solen Queens. This powder  allows you to charge a bracelet of binding, the Crystal Ball of Pet Summoning and the Bag of Sending.
Zoogi Fungus Black Solen Warriors and Queens and Red Solen Warriors and Queens carry this mushroom. Zoogi Fungus also grows inside the Solen Hive. Zoogi Fungus can be transformed into Powder of Translocation by a Solen Queen. 200 Fungi gives 100 measures of Powder.


Craft Items with Special Abilities
Name Description
Arcane Gem Found as loot on Controllers. Tailors can use an Arcane Gem on exceptional quality items to make Arcane clothing. Arcane Gems can be used to recharge Arcane Clothing that has run out of charges.
Enchanted Apple This item is made by cooks, when eaten it will remove any curse from your character including: Mortal Strike, Strangle, Corpse Skin, Curse, Weaken, Clumsy and Feeblemind.
Elixir of Rebirth ·     Crafted by alchemists·     Restores up to 20% of the pet’s HP at 120.0% Veterinary and 120.0% Animal Lore

·     Resurrection health bonus is capped at 200 HP

·     Requires the pet to have been dead for five minutes before use

Bola With 4 bola balls , 3 pieces of leather and 60.0 minimum in Tinkering, you can make a working bola which can be used to dismount someone from a mount. Cannot be used while you are mounted, using the bola will disarm both right and left hand items. To dismount an enemy, he must stay within range while you are throwing (takes ~2 seconds to throw). Bola balls can be found on Orc Bombers, Savages, and all Goblins. Failing to make the item will result in a loss of leather, never the actual balls.
Clockwork Assembly One of the required items to create a Golem. Comes as loot on Exodus Minions, Exodus Overseers, and Iron Golems.
Fruit Bowl This item is made by cooks, when eaten it gives a bonus to stats similar to that bestowed by the ‘bless’ spell, duration approximately two minutes.
Gargoyle’s Pick Axe Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles sometimes carry “a gargoyle’s pick axe”. These pickaxes extract the double amount of ore before they break. These pick axes promote a colored ore vein to the next higher level. A bronze vein will give gold ore, a verite vein will give valorite and so on. This only works on colored ore veins and does not permanently change the type of vein. There is a possibility that an Ore Elemental will spawn. Miners beware, these monsters are extremely tough. This pick axe can also be received as smithing bulk order reward.
Grapes of Wrath This item is made by cooks, when eaten it gives a 35% damage increase and 15% Spell Damage Increase for 20 seconds with a delay of 120 seconds before another may be eaten.
Power Crystal One of the required items to create a Golem. Comes as loot on Iron Golems.
Savage Kin Paint A skilled cook can create savage kin paint from a tribal berry and some flour. You must have an 80.0 skill in Cooking to do so. Note that the tribal berry is not edible, so you need not worry about mistakenly double-clicking on them. You can apply savage kin paint to your skin to get the same looks as a savage. A pot of paint can only be used once. The paint will stay on for one week of play time, providing you don’t die. When you die, the paint stays on the corpse’s skin. An oilcloth can be used to wipe the paint off. In the 2D client your skin will be grey, in the 3D client your skin will show the typical savage markings. Tribal berries can be found as loot on savages.Applying the paint will make you lose some karma. When you are painted, savages will not attack you. If you attack a savage while painted, the paint will burn off, doing about 50 points of damage. You cannot wear a mask of orcish kin when you are painted, so you will have to take sides in the savage vs. orcs war. You can, however, wear an evil orc helm while painted.

Bug: Make sure you are not carrying any honey when you make the paint. The paint will combine with the honey and thus be destroyed.

Dragon Scales and Sea Serpent Scales
Various monsters give scales as loot. Scales can be used to make scale armor. Scale armor has special defensive attributes, depending on the color. Scale armor can only be created by an experienced smith, as it is even harder to make than plate armor. 

Color Found on Good for Bad for
Black Serpentine Dragon and Shadow Wyrm Physical Resist Energy Resist
Blue Sea Serpents Energy Resist Poison Resist
Green Swamp Dragon Poison Resist Fire Resist
Red Drake and Dragon Fire Resist Cold Resist
White Serpentine Dragon and White Wyrm Cold Resist Physical Resist
Yellow Drake and Dragon Luck Physical Resist
Scales of various colors can also be found as loot on Chaos Dragoons. and Rikktor
Snake Charming Flute More detailed information found: Here·         Use on snakes outside the Medusa’s Lair to obtain rare eggs from snake nests. (Medusa Lair Key)

·         Snake charming flutes are craftable in Carpentry

·         Can be used on snakes and serpents in general, and silver serpents can be milked for venom during paralysis

Armor with Special Abilities
Name Description
Evil Orc Helm Found as loot on Orc Lords. When equipped the wearer suffers some Karma loss. Strength is increased with 10 points (even if this would raise Str over 125). Either Dex or Int loses 10 points (depending on which of the two is the highest). When the helm is removed the stats return to normal. The Karma loss is permanent.
Orcish Mask Orc masks come as loot on Orc Mages and Savages. While wearing this mask, orcs will not attack you. They do not protect you from Ettins though. They are not ‘newbiefied,’ but like regular orc masks they can be ‘blessed’ with a clothing bless deed. When you attack an Orc, or steal from an Orc, or allow your pet to do damage to an Orc (all while wearing the mask), the mask will explode and you will receive damage from the explosion. You may still attack another player wearing an Orc mask and not risk it exploding. Everytime you put on the orcish mask, you lose some karma.
Savage Mask A tribal mask worn by some Savages. Unlike the regular tribal masks, these weigh in at 2 stones rather than 4. There are 29 new hues available. The red mask in the bottom right corner is the ‘old’ red tribal mask.
Weapons with Special Abilities
Name Description
Bola See Craft Items above.
Firehorn A nautilus shaped horn that can be used as a weapon. When used, the horn consumes Sulphurous Ash reagents, and does damage to an area on and around the target. The damage is based on the barding skills of the person using it. More information on Firehorns can be found here.
Glacial Staff Glacial Staffs are found as loot on Giant Ice Serpents. Every staff used to give the owner access to two out of three effects. The type of effects one had access to were determined at random when the Ice Serpent and staff spawed. The following effects are known:

  • Ice Ball – Des Corp Del. Does about 10-15 damage to the target.
  • Ice Strike – In Corp Del. Drains all your mana in one go and does damage depending on the mana consumed.
  • Paralyze – An Ex Del. Will temporary freeze your opponent.

Currently the Glacial Staves have the following properties: Hit Harm, Mage Weapon, Physical Damage, Cold Damage. All the properties seem to have random values.

Orcish Bow These bows can be found as loot on Orc Scouts. They are normal bows with 2 extra modifiers, 25% Damage Increase and 70% Durability.
Tribal Spear Comes as loot on Savage Riders. There’s only a small chance that the spear will not break upon looting it from the Savage’s corpse. The spear acts as a regular spear with 25% damage increase.


Quest Items with Special Abilities
Name Description
Elixir of Metal Conversion Elixir of Gold Conversion

Elixir of Agapite Conversion

Elixir of Verite Conversion

Elixir of Valorite Conversion

Randomly converts up to 500 iron ingots into dull copper, shadow, copper, or bronze ingots.Converts up to 500 dull copper ingots into 500 gold ingots.

Converts up to 500 shadow ingots into 500 agapite ingots.

Converts up to 500 copper ingots into 500 verite ingots.

Converts up to 500 bronze ingots into 500 valorite ingots.

Infused Alchemist’s Gem This item increases your alchemy skill by 0.1
Tasty TreatDeliciously Tasty Treats

Irresistibly Tasty Treat

This item is for pets only. It increases their stats by 5% for 20 minutes. It has a 2 minute cooldown. (Unstackable)This item is for pets only. It increases their stats by 10% for 10 minutes. It has a 60 minute cooldown. (Unstackable, comes in pairs)

This item is for pets only. It increases their stats by 15%, and damage by 10% for 10 minutes. It has a 2 hour cooldown. (Unstackable)

Vial of Armor Essence This item is for pets only. It increases their physical resistance by 15% and their fire, cold, poison, and energy resists by 10% for 10 minutes. It has a 60 minute cooldown.


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