Decorative Items from Champions

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Decorative Items from Champions


Animated Water Tiles

animated water tile - rocksanimated water tile - rocksanimated water tile - pier

Obtained from:  Oaks, Ilhenar the Stained, Harrower

Animated Swamp Tile

swamp tile

Obtained from:  Baracoon, Serrado the Awakened

Animated lava Tile

Lava Tile

Obtained from: Rikktor, Semidar

Blood Wall Tile

wall blood tile

Obtained from:  Neira




Slime Statue - Red Slime Statue - Blue Slime Statue - Green

Obtained from : Baracoon


Ophidian Warrior Ophidian Mage Ophidian Knight Ophidian Archmage

Obtained from: Rikktor

Spider, Egg-case Web,  Web.

Dread Spider egg-case web&case egg case web web with cocoon web, oval


Obtained from Mephitis

Wind Spirit


Obtained from Lord Oaks

Tattered Mummy Wrappings

Obtained from Neira

Daemon Skull

Daemon Skull ! Daemon Skull 2

Obtained from Semidar

Dread Horn Statue

Dreadhorn Statue

Obtained from Twaulo of the Glade

Minotaur Statue

Tormented Minotaur Statue

Obtained from Meraktus the Tormented

Plague Beast Statue, Red Death Statue

Plague Beast Statue Red Death Statue

Obtained from Ilhenar the Stained

Not Yet Discovered

Obtained from Serado the Awakened

Evil Idol, Skull on a Pole.

Evil Idol skull pole

Obtained from The True Harrower

Archdemon Statue Abyssal Horn,

Obtained from Abyssal Infernal


Mummified Corpse

Obtained from Primeval Lich


Vase, Large Vase

Vase large vase

Obtained from Meraktus the Tormented


Futton (dark) Futton Light

Obtained from Serado the Awakened

Creeping Vines,

Obtained from Primeval Lich
Compiled by Petrify of Oceania from information supplied by the posters of UHall.  With thanks to Avenhar and Lord Noximos of Atlantic for supplying many of the images.

By Petra Fyde March 2009 (updated June 2010)

Last modified: September 10, 2011

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