Daily and Stealable Rares

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Approximate Spawn Times

  • Rarity 1 – 90mins
  • Rarity 2 – 3hrs
  • Rarity 3 – 6hrs
  • Rarity 4 – 12hrs
  • Rarity 5 – 24hrs
  • Rarity 6 – 48hrs
  • Rarity 7 – 96hrs (4 days)
  • Rarity 8 – 192hrs (8 days)
  • Rarity 9 – 384hrs (16 days)
  • Rarity 10 – 768hrs (32 days)
  • Rarity 11 – 1536hrs (64 days)
  • Rarity 12 – 3072hrs (128 days)

Doom Stealables:   Starting from the skull candle (have a quick check to see if the skinned goat/deer are present!), proceed in an easterly direction; when you come to the passage to the north, past the restless souls, turn north to check the room at the end for the Claw. Then come back down again to the junction, turn east, see if the leather tunic’s there. Carry on eastwards, and when you see the egg cases/cocoons, check whether the spawning ones are with them. Just past them, turn north and follow the wall round, for the stretched hide, the saddle near the northwest corner, the studded legs on the north wall, the brazier near the northeast corner, then the studded tunic (south), and finally the studded tunic (east).

Samurai Empire Stealables: Trammel and Felucca Stealables  other Closed Barrel Deceit level 1 & 2

Tall Candle

Meat pie 

Academic books From 3 locations in Bedlam


Seaweed a daily rare from the Floating Market


See also Stygian Abyss Stealables

Wrong Stealables


Stealables from BMV Ararat 

Estimated to spawn weekly

Figurehead, found on a plinth at the prow.

Ships bell, center bell of 3 at the ship’s stern.

Ship’s anchor, found by the side of the ship at the stern.

Stealables from Castle Blackthorn Dungeon

One item appears in each of the three areas branching off the main foyer.

1 – A Gilded Statue From The Personal Collection Of The King

2 – A Painting From The Personal Collection Of The King


Quirks to getting items

Server up items: No stealing is required to get these items, just pick them up at server up, before anyone else gets there.

The Deceit barrels spawn on top of static barrels, if it doesn’t light up yellow, you’re too late.

The Full Jars spawn behind a stone oven, use object handles (ctrl shift) to reach them.

Empty baskets. These baskets spawn in several places, Buccs Den, Magincia, and Nujelm. They spawn full, eat the fruit in them to be able to pick them up.

Plate of Food (not previously listed) Spawn in the 4 huts South of Brit. Eat once to be able to pick them up. Eat twice to turn them into dirty plates. DON’T eat 3 times.

Items from barrels Skara ranger huts and Buccs Den smith begin with all barrels empty. To get the whip in Skara and smith rares in Buccs you need to ‘prime’ the barrels by opening them all. Return in approx 20 minutes to check for the fresh spawn.

Vesper Barrels


Last modified: January 29, 2014

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  1. We’ve received reports that several “daily rares” are coming up as unobtainable. Our staff will look into this and we will update as necessary. Thank you all for questioning!

  2. I tried to eat/take the plates in the huts south of Brit today, but they kept telling me that they belonged to someone else. Are these no longer available?

  3. Paintings in Blackthorn’s Dungeon no longer seem to spawn. Have they been moved or stopped?


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