Blackthorn Artifacts

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Blackthorn Artifacts
By Petra Fyde, October 2013

crown_agentBlackthorn Artifacts are obtained by trading in Minax Artifacts with an Agent of the Crown who can be found in each Loyalty City.

crown_agent1Minax artifacts were initially gained by killing town invaders (Act 2 Revenge of the Enchantress story arc, 2013) and can now be obtained from all areas of Castle Blackthorn Dungeon.
The artifacts consist of some decorative items and armor/clothing item groups, each item has the description ‘Bearing the Crest of Blackthorn'; each clothing/armor artifact occupies a particular armor or clothing ‘slot’ and is available in several styles.  Choose the style that best fits your character. The items are based on, and have the same properties as, previously spawning items.

Item Types
Slot Occupied Style Choices
Chest Armor Gargish Stone chest, Gargish Platemail chest, Dragon breastplate, Ringmail tunic, Chainmail tunic, Plate tunic
Robe Slot Hooded robe, Gargish robe, Gargish fancy robe, Gargish epaulette, Epaulette, Plain dress, Gilded dress, Fancy dress, Male kimono, Female kimono, Robe
Head Slot Gargish Glasses, Plate Helm, Norse Helm, Circlet, Royal Circlet, Jester Hat, Tricorne, Bandana, Skullcap, Gargish Earrings, Feathered hat, Wizard hat
Back Slot Gargish cloth wing armour, Cloak
Belt Slot Gargish half apron, Obi, Woodland belt, Leather ninja belt
Chest Slot Doublet, Gargish sash, Surcoat, Tunic

Note: The style choice available does not include the original format of the item.
ie. The ‘Tangle’ equivelant is not available as a regular half apron, the’ Conjurer’s Garb’ equivelant is not available as a regular robe etc

Artifact Properties
Item Type Properties Based on Points Cost
 Decorative Shard Shield  None  none  10
 Painting (1) painting1a  None  none  10
 Painting (2)painting1  None  none  10
 Chest Armor  MI 10 MR 3 LMC 15%
Lower Requirements 100%, Mage Armor
 Rune Beetle Carapace  25
 Back Slot  DCI 5%  Quiver of Infinity  25
Robe Slot Int Bonus 5 HPI 3  Shroud of the Condemned 25
 Head Slot  DCI 10% Nightsight, FCR3
 Night Eyes  50
 Head Slot  HLD 30%, Str Bonus 10 DexBonus 5
 Mace & shield Glasses  50
 Head Slot  Str Bonus 8 Nightsight DCI 15%
 Folded Steel Lenses  50
 Robe Slot  MI 5 LMC1%  Mystic’s Garb  50
 Robe Slot  Stealth +10  Cloak of Silence  75
 Robe Slot  Str Bonus 2 Int Bonus 2 Dex Bonus 2  Cloak of Power  75
 Robe Slot  HPI 3 HPR 1  Cloak of Life  75
 Robe Slot  HCI 3% DCI 3% SDI 3%  Cloak of Death  75
Chest Slot Int Bonus 5 MR 2 LRC 10%  Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard 100
 Robe Slot  MR 2 Luck 140 DCI 5%  Conjurer’s Garb  100
 Belt Slot  Int Bonus 10 MR 2 DCI 5%  Tangle  100
 Belt Slot  Dex Bonus 5 HPI 10 HPR 2  Crimson  100

Trading the Minax Artifacts

Single click the Agent of the Crown to get a context menu. The presence of a Minax Artifact in your back pack will cause the greyed out turn in option to become available.



With thanks to Aurelius, Frarc and Kelly O’Brian

Last modified: January 8, 2014

3 Comments to “Blackthorn Artifacts”

  1. Officer Doofy says:

    I have Conjures shroud, All Pigments of Tokuno work.

  2. Does anyone know if the reward artifacts are dyable?

    Cloth rewards using normal dye tubs, black dye tubs… Leather rewards using leather dye tubs etc?

    If not, can they be dyable using pigments of tokono?

    Or are they red forever?

    • I have the hooded robe equivalent of the Conjurer’s Garb and it IS able to be dyed. I have only used regular dyes and a white cloth dye tub on it, but I assume black dye could be used as well.


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