Introducing QA5 to the UO player community!

November 04, 2011 By: Airmid Category: Community News

Introducing QA5 to the UO player community!

With many thanks to Rowland Cox we are set to share a set of interviews with different members of the UO Team as well as Event Moderators for each shard.

Kylie Kinslayer has been working with Lady Tia on coordinating efforts with Rowland and Mesanna while Petra has been busy creating a way for it all to come together.

QA5 presents five questions that each UO Team member has the chance to personalize to their unique positions. We hope to also include members of the Game Master team, the Community team and those who offer their assistance to UO in other ways. This will be an ongoing series alternating between them and our EM s every Friday.

Jeff Skalski has been very busy encouraging interaction and highlighting Ultima Online as the great game it has shown itself to be for over 14yrs now. We are happy to be a part of the UO community and sharing that love of Sosaria with you.

Thank you all and may the 15th Anniversary of UO prove to be just as exciting as the last 14 have been!



*thanks to Gareth for the nifty graphics idea!



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