Interview With Former Governor Of Jhelom Lady Willow Smythe

September 05, 2013 By: Lady Mal Category: Atlantic News

Last night I met with Lady Willow Smythe, the previous governor of Jhelom. She is currently running for the next term of office and was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule to allow an interview.


Lord William Castle provided a gate to his home, where the interview would take place. In a few moments, we were joined by Lady Smythe.

“ Greetings,” she said, extending her hand.

“ Good evening, Lady Smythe.” After our handshake we took our seats at a shadowstone table. “Well, firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to let me interview you.”

“ Of course,” she nodded, “ Did you interview the candidates last term?”

“ No, I did not.” The former governor smiled.

“ Oh good. I didn’t slight or snub.”

“ I do plan to try to interview everyone that served last term.”

“ So what would you like to know?” She asked.

“ Lady Willow, I’d like to start with some personal questions and then move into the meaty stuff the public wants to know. Is this alright?” I took out my paper and pen.

“ Very good,” she nodded.


“ Where were you born? Are you native to Jhelom?”

“ Nay, not a native. I was born in Caina, just after the order of Oblivion left it to ruin or very shortly before. On the chaos shrine.”

“ That’s quite an interesting and unique birthplace. Would you say that it influenced who you are?”

“ I would say it made an impact, aye. It gave me a first hand view of what is left behind. Particularly, with the Order Of The Ebon Skull.”

“ Oh?” I wrote quickly to keep up as she continued.

“ It is no secret that I oppose the cult.”

“ You’ve been particularly vocal about Oblivion at the Council meeting,” I recalled from a gathering I had attended. She nodded as I continued with my next question.

“ I understand Jhelom has a warrior academy, what can students expect from registering for a school year?”

“ I’d have to say it depends on the aptitude of the student. Naturally, survival skills as well as resistance testing.”

“ What do you mean by resistance testing?” I asked.

“Training them to withstand dramatic enviroment changes. For instance… having the studends stand in the icy, snowy hills where ladies of the snow dwell with little more than their amor coverings. Whilst still needing to defend themselves from the wicked snow wraiths,” she smirked. Having been there recently myself, I contained a shudder and continued.

“ It sounds very thorough. What rates do you charge?”

“ I won’t deny a student training for fees. Just while they are a student, they pull their weight with in the town and protect it if need by while they occupy it.”

“ Is it true that you started training warriors at a very young age, nearly a child, yourself?” I asked.

“ Aye. At the age of twelve. Shortly after I was inducted into the Umbran military myself. Umbra had a bit of a life spike, if you will.”

“ Obviously, it has influenced you today,” she nodded and I continued. “Jhelom’s home Virtue is Valor, does your academy incorporate any of the other Virtues into daily life?”

“ I educate the students on all the Virtues and what they entail. Though, we do not follow the Virtues, I won’t have my students or soliders being ignorant toward them,”

“ Is this what made you choose Jhelom as a base of operation?”

“ I chose Jhelom for it’s history and simplicity,” she replied, “It’s a warrior’s town, nothing more, nothing less. Anything a warrior TRULY needs, can be found with in the city limits.”

“ Very practical. Jhelom is also home to the Knights Of The Crux Ansata.” She nodded. “Tell me, does this influence your warrior academy in any way, or are the two completely unassociated?”

“ Unassociated, really.” I nodded and moved on to my next topic without pressing further.

“ How has your academy evolved since its founding?”

“ Indeed. This program if you will, started back in Umbra. It has still continued to evolve since even starting it in Jhelom.”

“ Obviously, it has seen great success to thrive so long.”

“ I never knew how much I enjoyed fighting and combat until I started teaching and demonstrating to others,” she grinned.

“ They say that there is joy in teaching, and even additional learning,” I said.

“ I’d have to agree with that.”

“ Lady Willow, I’d like you to walk me through an average day in the life of a student of your academy.”

“ It would start with the resistance training. Which the pools of each element increase with intensity over time. Then.. the lesson begins, be it escaping a kidnapping, learning of the Grimmswind brothers, Virtues….Oblivion,” I nodded and scribbled as she continued, “ Again, we may not follow those aspects of life but I won’t have my students be unknowing of them, either.”

“ Knowledge is power. As a governor, what did you find to be your biggest challenge?” I asked.

“ Balance,”she chuckled, “ Historically not my best trait.”

“ The balance between both responsibilities?”

“ Aye.. not to mention the other towns as well. Naturally I am biased to my own town… but I have to remember to not be over bearing.”

“ Speaking of the other towns.. In previous months, most of the governors have openly stated their grievances about the governor of Britain, Solus. What do you think of him?”

“ Well, I’ve had the nerve to tell him in person with out the public to back me up. Or the king. I find that he’s an interesting specimen that can’t quite get his story straight. Given that one moment he’s demanding that all the other towns send their best men, ONLY men and then the next stating that he’s suited to over see yet another town such as Moonglow. Now I ask you, why ask for help and then say you are capable of another city’s well-being?”

“ Personally, I find the man lacking upstairs,’ I agreed.

“ I think, he just likes to be heard….” she grinned. “ no action.. Again, I’ve told him this personally. I’ve also offered to train some of his own men and women and children. He said he would send them my way and alas, no one from Britain has come. So my sympathy wanes.”

“ What do you think of your opponent this term, Alexander, I believe his name is?”

“ He was my opponent last term as well. I’ve never seen the man!,” I couldn’t resist a small laugh with her as she continued. “ One thing needs to be said though… Even if Alexander wins over me… Jhelom is still mine, just as it was before. I’ll still see to that it gets everything it needs. The title goes away, but not the responsibility. Regardless of how hard that might be.”

“ That is very noble of you. Do you find King Blackthorn to be a fit man to serve?”

“ Aye, I do. I was elated when he returned to the throne. I saw an oppertunity for movement and change.”

“ Aye, I think many of us did,” I smiled.

“ He thinks outside of the box.”

“ How would Jhelom contribute to the well-being of Britannia, if you are elected this term?”

“ Well, for starters I am planning on opening up the Academy. I’ve often said that I’ve found other guards’ training lacking. So, if you want something done right… you’ve got to do it yourself, aye?”

“ I am a firm believer of that. There have been issues with pirates in previous days, what do you plan to do to resolve such horrid issues?”

“ Fighting them doesn’t make them dissipate or disband. So, I’m going to try a parle with them. Set up a deal that if they do not ravage my borderlands. We will offer them goods and repairs should the need arise.”

“ Other than the pirates, does Jhelom have any other immediate threats that you might ask the King to aid with?”

“ None that I haven’t already asked aid for. We’re never going to stop fighting Oblivion. That’s not just Jhelom’s problem but all of ours.”

“ That seems to have been a problem in recent months.”

“ But I am happy to fight it alone, same as with a thousand troops. They are dormant now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them as the lands cool off and we enter the cold of winter.”

“ What do you plan on changing if you are elected this upcoming term that is different from your last as governor?”

“ It is hard to say as what we hold dear in our town is not valued the same as others. I just want to continue to be the best voice the city deserves.”

“ Do you plan on hosting events within your city this term?”

“ Aye… This coming Thursday there is to be a joust. I’d also love to hold a tournament of champions. Nothing planned as of yet but ideas of course.”

“ That sounds fitting for the nature of the city.”

“ One of these days too, I will find time to construct my hedgemaze as well,” she nodded.

“ What improvements would you like to see in Jhelom?”

“ Improvements, I’d still like to see a resting place for our steeds with in the town.”

“ Is there not a stable on the north isle?” I was surprised, for I’d figured stables were a common practise.

“ There are pens for them to roam free, aye, but nowhere to actually rest or eat, persay.”

“ I see how that can be a hassle. Lady Smythe, what are your plans for the future?”

“ Same as now. As I said before, I just won’t always be the governer. My hope is that even after I am gone, at least one student carries on our way of life. I’m going to continue to better the town and not have people think of it as a “mudhole”, as it is so much more rich and valuable than that.”

“You certainly have become fond of the city from using it for practical reasons.”

“ It does grow on you with its rustic charm.”

“ I’ve taken much of your time this evening, Lady Smythe. Is there anything you’d like to add for our readers at home?”

“ Honestly, if they are still unconvinced, come and see us,” she grinned.

With that, I packed my ink and pen up and gathered my papers. After thanking her again for taking time from her busy schedule, I made my way home knowing that by tomorrow everyone would know a bit more about this dedicated Headmistress of The Jhelom Warrior Academy.

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