Interview with Faeryl Tyr’athem – Knight Captain of the Crux Ansata.

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When I first got the news I was approved to be a Shard Reporter I began thinking who I could interview. I needed people that most would find to be an intriguing personality. After all, that’s what makes for a good read. As I thought about it, the Crux Ansata had just celebrated the promotion of their first ever Knight Captain. My pondering was done. Who better to kick off a series of interviews about Atlantic folks than the first ever Knight Captain. A rank that requires a good amount of effort and work to attain, not to mention many, many deaths. With that said, let’s begin…..


 How long have you been roaming the lands of Britannia?

I’ve been roaming the lands of Britannia for just under five years now. If I did my math right, that would be roughly twenty-four Britannian years.


Have you always been the type of person that made sure you attended all the EM Events you could?

 I definitely haven’t. While I’ve been to the occasional event run by the various EMs we’ve had on Atlantic since the program was started, they never really held my interest for long. Sure they were fun to an extent, but I wanted something different, something with more appeal than races and other little games.

It was on a whim that I attended my first event run by EM Bennu, which was the end of the story arc with Josiah Havel and the temple. I really had fun at that event, and after going back and reading the fiction, I was intrigued, although it was what is now known by many as the Massacre on the Beach that really got me hooked. I loved how EM Bennu would take the time to create an actual story that I could bring to life in my mind with a little imagination.
 Which leads us to the story arc of events. Just in case there are those out there who have not heard about The Crux Ansata, what is it?
The Knights of the Crux Ansata is Atlantic’s unique version of the Royal Britannian Guard that can be found on other shards. After the initial betrayal that decimated the Crux Ansata leaving only three of the original knights alive, the Order was spared from total destruction with the help of various warriors and mages from throughout the lands. Under the command of the Lady Danica Amandine, the rag-tag group of conscripts began to flourish, the ranks swelled and the Knights of the Crux Ansata were renewed. We have both fought for and against the Time Lord, we’ve protected and raised the Magincian child Addie, now Lord Adamu. We have retrieved the remains of Zog, and fought creatures of incredible power to protect Britannia. We were recognized by Queen Dawn before her death…
The Crux Ansata are always accepting new conscripts from every play style. There are no requirements to participate except to show up (and maybe be able to take a hit or two). Come join in on the events and experience the fun for yourself.
 For those of us who follow the Crux events we have witnessed how active you are before/during/after events and also how active you are on the EM Forum. What is it that draws you to it?
There are quite a few things that draw me to the Crux events, but I think the main two draws are the story arcs and the community. A well thought out plotline is something I always look for in books, and it’s no different with events. Basically, if it’s entertaining and my imagination can take over and elaborate on what was written, chances are I’ll keep coming back for more. I love the Crux events because they go a step further. Not only am I reading and letting my imagination interpret what’s happening, but to an extent I’m a part of the story, I can interact with the characters and there’s the potential to, I guess influence, what will happen.
The community is also a big part of why I find them so enjoyable. It seems to me that most things in UO that used to require a group working together to complete them are now being soloed, which in essence eliminates any sense of community. The Crux Ansata brings people of various play styles together and gets us working as a group to complete the tasks placed before us. Seeing people stopping and giving directions to those who are lost, helping heal others and actually focusing their efforts together to reach a common goal is a wonderful thing to experience.
 This will be a difficult one probably, but, which event has been your favorite when it comes to the Crux plotline?
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Crux events I’ve been to so far, which makes choosing a single favourite really difficult, if not impossible. After much thought, I managed to narrow it down to the series of events pertaining to the Time Lord, Xorinite Wisps and the remains of Zog.
I chose those particular events for a couple reasons. First being because they taught me quite a bit about Ultima history, and motivated me to learn more. You see, before Ultima Online, my only knowledge of the world and history of Ultima was from Ultima VI: The False Prophet. Even that knowledge was minimal as I was still very young and didn’t understand much of what was going on during it.

The second reason I chose those events was simply because I love a good puzzle that forces me to stop and think, and sometimes ask for help. Having to track down all the clues and locate the remains of Zog (even if I wasn’t the first) was extremely fun because I knew that I couldn’t do it myself, I needed the help of others. Helping and being helped always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.   


I know you agreed to do this interview prior to the announcement of you being an Atlantic Shard Reporter, Congratulations on that also. But, when it comes to being the first to reach Knight Captain of the Crux versus being asked to be a Shard Reporter for Stratics, which was the biggest shock to you? And why?

I have to admit that while being promoted to Knight Captain was definitely a surprise, being given the opportunity to be a Shard Reporter was the bigger shock. I guess it was because I’d never given much thought to my writing and while I knew there were at least a few people who enjoyed reading my Crux reports, I never expected them to lead to anything such as this.


Events are difficult enough to survive and catch anything that is going on, how difficult is it for you to actually cover the event while in the face of Bennu’s creations?

It’s gotten easier as I’ve started to get into a type of routine, but there have been times that I would get so focused on trying to keep myself, my dragon or other players alive that I’d completely forget that I was supposed to be covering the event, though thankfully that same focus usually helps me to remember what happened long enough to make some decent notes which I can use it my report afterwards


 When there is not an event going on, and you are not standing on your hill at WBB, what is your favorite thing to do?

I’ve been in love with designing and decorating my house literally since I first started playing. My house is ever-changing. Sometimes the changes are subtle; sometimes it’s a complete design overhaul. I enjoy letting my imagination go wild and seeing what craziness I can come up with. 

Speaking of decorating your house, when it comes to your 2011 winter deco winning design how shocked were you when you placed first?

I wasn’t so much shocked as mildly surprised. I’d gotten quite a few compliments on the design, but there were some very nice entries. Some of which I liked even better than mine.


Ok, I have hit you with some difficult questions to answer, so I will ease up a bit. Those that are familiar with James Lipton and Inside The Actors Studio will recgonize these. What is your favorite word?

My favorite word… Trying to think of one that’s not a curse. Lovely – but in a completely sarcastic sense.


What is your least favorite word?

I’m not sure it’s actually a word. It would be roflcopter if that counts. It makes me want to hurt people.


What sound or noise do you hate?

My alarm clock.


What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of a fiddle.


What profession in life would you NOT like to do?

If I can help it, working in a fast food place of any sort.


What is your favorite curse word?


I want to thank Faeryl for her time and patience. This interview in all honesty has been in the works for alomst a full month {started 10/11}. If you would like to see or read more about the Winter Deco winning design you can view that here: Under the Ice Caves heading. Her home is once again under construction, but she did give me the ok to let you see a small part of her latest creation. 

Anyone wanting to follow along with The Knights of the Crux Ansata can do so by keeping an eye out at or 

Until next time, safe travels and may you get all the drops your heart desires……. eventually.




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