In Search of Autumn Decor and The Prominent beloved

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In Search of Autumn Decor and The Prominent beloved


With Autumn upon  us I thought I would travel the lands of Catskills to see what seasonal or halloween decor I would find. I roamed the forest for some time then toured the homes and plots of Luna. Not finding much I asked in General Chat to be transported to plots of interest of the season. To my dismay very little reply did I get. beloved of D::D Guild offered to escort me to her plot but warned me there was very little seasonal decorations. I took her up on her offer and what a treat it was!

I quickly noticed that a part of her house has an evil side all year long.  Other than the decor of her plot which has been done in less than five months there is a history to this location for beloved. She first learned of UO by her ex husband, a game player. She started out by playing his characters. The first time she died she thought she completely lost the game for himNeedless to say that was not true and she played for some time then took a long break. She is back now with a new attitude and a new man. He also plays UO and they recently got married in game and will be married in real life in the future. Life can take some interesting turns and luck had it that she could place on the exact location where her old plot was.

We chatted a long time about many subjects. She loves Peerless with Lady M being one of her favs, her favorite colors in game are blue ( notice her hair ) and Tokuno Red, favorite real life colors are blue and purple, and her favorite location in the realm are the new fairgrounds created by the Catskills EMs. I asked her to please show me the fairgrounds as I have never seen them and they are amazing. beloved claims, ” they are awesome ” and indeed they are!

Feasting area at the Fairgrounds

Feasting area at the Fairgrounds

Archery at the Fairgrounds

Stage at the Farigrounds

beloved serves Lady Lava wine at the Fairgrounds


The Fairgrounds are huge and indeed impressive. Over several glasses of wine we chatted about the new Killer Pumpkins that we both like. beloved stated that she wished they kept their names as in years past. She also really is enjoying the clean -up and loves the blessed deeds though confessed she does not know what she will do with them. Guilds past and present were touched upon on both Catskills and Great lakes. beloved once was in a large guild, SOY, but things did not work so she is in a extremely small guild. I have been in big and small guilds and both have good points and bad.  After feeling a little light headed from the wine we returned to beloved’s house and the tour continued. Before departing she made me a lovely two toned black and red dress. It is much appreciated.

I will be back in a few days looking again for autumn and/or halloween decorate plots.

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