[IC News] Intrigue in the Time of Cholera – Vespasian Physician Discovers Panacea.

December 15, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Intrigue in the Time of Cholera

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An anonymous tip led Britannian mercenaries on a wild goose chase this last evening at the behest of the Physician of Vesper.

Apparently believing us to be her students, the doctor led us through a short monologue about the plague that had begun to ravage the City of Industry. Quite mad, she elaborated on those who had been stricken with the disease, and those children who had died as a result. In exchange for our cooperation, she promised the creation of a panacea.

10 Savage Berries. 20 Unicorn Ribs. 100 Cups of Fresh Ginger. 100 Vials of Silver Serpent Venom.

The last ingredient on the list, and the most elusive, was the source itself. Apparently the plague wasn’t a contagion, as originally believed, but an illness brought on by contamination to the water supply. Find the source. Stop the sickness.

The source itself was discovered at the end of the Vespasian delta, near the Docking and Customs District. Appreciating our brevity, the doctor awarded her so called students with an alchemical mortar and pestle.

Ultimately, the task offered little insight into the increasing turmoil in the north. Instead, it raised more questions. Such as, what caused the very land of Vesper to begin boiling with filth and plague? Or who… And how did this relate to other problems in the region, such as the Blackrock Trade or the Siege of Mt. Kendall.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

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