Trading a House

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Buying, selling or trading a House

You want to buy a house? Then you have came to the right place.

Buying a house has become much easier and secure over the years, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The buyer and seller stand under the house sign.
  2. The seller brings up the house sign menu, under ownership he chooses Trade House. Clicking this he then targets the buyer.
  3. The buyer will get a gump reminding him that on completion of purchase all existing homes will become condemned. (Only one home is allowed per account unless grandfathered homes are involved.)
  4. A trade window will open and a blue deed will appear.
  5. The buyer then places the check/checks for purchase in the trade window.
  6. When all parties are happy the trade is completed.
  7. The buyer should be able to access the house sign by double clicking the sign post and getting the house menu which will confirm that the transfer is complete.

Glacier colored house deed

House deed with information

If you own more than one home, meaning you have an account that has grandfathered houses on it, note that selling your houses does not make you lose the grandfathered status of the remaining, in fact it does absolutely nothing to your account. It is safe to sell. No house timer is set, nor removed by selling a house. If you have an account with multiple homes across different shards, or even the same, or if you just own one home, you should be aware of ways you can lose them:

  1. Acquiring a new house on any shard will cause your established homes to become condemned.
  2. If you try to upgrade the plot size of one of your established homes, the other houses on all shards will become condemned.*
  3. Setting one of your established homes status to a Primary house will cause your other homes to become condemned.
  4. Non-payment of the account for longer than 90 days will cause all your homes to become condemned.

Last modified: June 10, 2014

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