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Updated by Petra Fyde, July 2009

layers are able to own a barkeep, that can be placed in the player’s house. An item called “a barkeep contract” can be purchased from an innkeeper (found in NPC inns).

To place a barkeep, stand facing the spot where you want the barkeep to appear and double click the contract. Barkeeps may only be placed by a character on the account that owns the house and the house must be set ‘public’. To turn a barkeep simply address it by name, it will turn to face you. Use the name alone, not with ‘the barkeep’ and not in a sentence.

The barkeeps can serve as a method for players to support and announce their own events and quests, by responding to certain keywords or tips. Saying “news” to a barkeep will give a scenario hint, just like a town crier.

Managing Your Barkeep

A single click on the barkeep will open a context menu, select ‘manage’ from this to open the following customization menu:

barkeep menu

Message Control

  • The “tip rumor” is optional and customizeable by the player owner. Amounts of gold under 50 gold will cause the barkeep to speak this rumor. Amounts over 50 gold will be returned.
  • In addition to the one tip rumor, players can put 3 “oracle style” rumors with keywords on the barkeep. (oracle style rumors are spoken once certain keywords are said by the player. The rumor and linking keyword are added to the barkeep by the player owner).

Customizing Your Barkeep

Selecting this option from the gump offers a further three choices, choose a title, customize dress, and select male/female. The titles for the “Bartender” can be chosen from the following list:

Barkeep Titles
Alchemist Animal tamer apothecary artist baker* Bard
Barkeep* Beggar Blacksmith Bounty Hunter Brigand Butler
Carpenter Chef* Commander Curator Drunkard Farmer
Fisherman Gambler Gypsy Herald Herbalist Hermit
Innkeeper* Jailor Jester Librarian Mage Mercenary
Merchant Messanger Miner Noble Paladin Peasant
Prisoner Prophet Ranger Sage Sailor Scholar
Scribe Sentry Servant Shepherd Soothsayer Stoic
Storyteller Tailor Thief Tinker Town Crier Treasure Hunter
Waiter* Warrior Watchman No title * sells food & drink

The second option in the gump is Clothing. Your barkeep gump allows you to select garments from a menu.  First select the style, then re-access the gump to select the color.

barkeep clothing

It is probably advisable to use the third option, choosing male/female before the second option, to dress your barkeep.

To give a rough idea of the potential uses of a barkeep, here is an example. The barkeep’s job title has been set to ‘Gypsy’, she has been dressed to reflect that title and seated at a table with appropriate props.


The initial keyword is ‘hello’ – you will see that the ‘rumour’ this generates prompts the player to give gold, thus triggering the ‘tip rumor’, which in turn leads to the other two ‘oracle rumours’, keywords required ‘cards’ and ‘ball’.

miriam's message

The standard number of barkeeps allowed per house is two, storage increases such as the 20% increase added in the expansion, Mondain’s Legacy can increase that.


Last modified: January 7, 2014

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