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All Available House Signs
Contributed by Irulia Darkaith, edited by Petra Fyde, March 2013

Below are all the signs that are available for use on player houses together with the trades and guilds they represent.


  • First Row: Baker, Tailors, Tinker, Butcher, Healer, Alchemist/Mage
  • Second Row: Architect/Carpenter, Mariners/Customs, Inn, Shipwright/Cartographer, Stables, Guild of Barbers (f)
  • Third Row: Bard, Fletcher, Armorer, Jeweler, Tavern, Alchemist/Herbalist
  • Fourth Row: Blacksmith, Artist, Provisioner, Bowyer, (generic), (generic)
  • Fifth Row: Guild of Armaments (f), Armourer’s Guild, Blacksmith’s Guild(f), Society of Weaponmakers(f), Bardic Collegium, Barterer’s Guild (f)
  • Sixth Row: Guild of Provisioners, Trader’s Guild, Society of Cooks and Chefs (f), Healer’s Guild (f) , Guild of Mages (f), Guild of Sorcery (f)
  • Seventh Row: Masters of Illusion (f), Mining Cooperative (f), League of Rangers (f), Seaman’s Chapter (f), Guild of Fishermen (f), Sailor’s Maritime Association
  • Eighth Row: Society of Shipwrights (f), Tailor’s Hall, Society of Thieves (f), Federation of Rogues and Beggars, Guild of Assassins (f) , Order of Engineers (f)
  • Ninth Row: Association of Warriors, Guild of Cavalry and Horse, Fighter’s and Footmen, Merchant’s Guild (symbol is not quite right), Bank, Theatre
  • Tenth Row: Scribe/Library, Beekeepers

Parenthesis (f) indicates where the sign is flipped compared to the Hildebrandt poster (and in game NPC shops)
Of note, the only symbol appearing on the Hildebrandt poster that is unavailable for player housing and does not appear on any in game buildings is Lord British’s Healers of Virtue which is a Gold Ankh on a green field.

with thanks to Irulia Darkaith.

Last modified: March 29, 2013

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