Tutorials – Spiral Stairs in Enhanced Client

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By EllesarGoddras

1. Place wall tiles on the ground where you you wish to remove the part of stair. “see picture 1″
2. Place the stair case. Picture 2 “note the walls are still there”
3. Delete the wall or walls you placed in the stairs. Picture 3
4. Change Floors and come back to the floor you are working on. Note the white spots on the ground where the remaining stairs are. When you commit you will see your newly Broken staircase.
5. When you are complete place your gozas in the open square and raise them 10 times.
One.jpg Two.jpg Three.jpg Four.jpg Five.jpg Six.jpg Seven.jpg Eight.jpg Nine.jpg Ten.jpg Eleven.jpg Finish.jpg

Last modified: January 7, 2014

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